Marauder's Mayhem

Ahoy, shipmates! Clamber into your barrels for a wild lesson in explosives from Cap'n Black that you're sure never to forget as you spin out of control. Don't be going near any of them fuses, mind...

Marauder's Mayhem

Marauder's Mayhem

Who needs tea when you can have something a little more explosive? Climb aboard a barrel of gunpowder and prepare for a ride that will bring a whole new spin to the traditional tea cup ride.

Sitting at the heart of Mutiny Bay, the imposing thatched structure of Marauder's Mayhem is hard to miss, especially when the menacing tones of Cap'n Black are barking instructions to riders or when smoke begins to ominously pour out of the gunpowder kegs at the centre of the ride.

Once aboard, your fate is in your own hands as the wheel at the centre of each barrel allows you to control the spin of your own explosive ride. Be aware that nine of the twelve barrels run on a second turntable within the larger one, adding to the spin, so landlubbers who have yet to find their sea legs may want to use the other three.

Tea Cup Ride

Tea Cup Ride

Marauder's Mayhem began its life at Alton Towers as a traditional style Tea Cup Ride. Opening in Aqualand in 1987 on the site of the original Park Railway station, the ride operated under a thatched canopy and featured twelve teacups and saucers revolving around a teapot centrepiece, all painted in a blue and white faux-porcelain style.

When Aqualand was rethemed in 1994, the Tea Cups fitted perfectly into Merrie England and the ride continued to operate with few modifications for a further thirteen years until 2008, when the ride said goodbye to the brew and was totally rethemed to fit within Mutiny Bay.

Attraction Stats

28th March 1987
Ride Length
1:30 (approx)
1200 riders per hour
Ride Capacity
60 riders
Ride Cars
12 barrels
Persons per Car
5 per barrel


28th March 1987
Opened as Tea Cup Ride in Aqualand
Became part of Merrie England
15th March 2008
Became Marauder's Mayhem in Mutiny Bay

Attraction Extras

No standard Fastrack available
No souvenir photo available

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Minimum Height

Unaccompanied Height

Attraction Facts

MACK Rides GmbH
Tea Cups
28th March 1987
Also Known As
Tea Cup Ride (1987 - 2007)

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