Battle Galleons

Pirates off the port bow! Ready the cannons, take aim and fire in this very wet game of battle ships...
Battle Galleons - 2008Battle Galleons - 2008Battle Galleons - 2008
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Attraction History

In 2008 Battle Galleons opened for the first time as part of the new Mutiny Bay theme which could be found in this part of the park. This pirate themed attraction invites riders to take their places in their very own pirate ship and be taken around the lake using the on board water cannons to try and hit all the targets. An added excitement to this ride is to avoid being hit by other riders on their own pirate ships and any landlubbers who may point their cannons in their direction.

Over the years the lake on which Battle Galleons is located has played host to many different Alton Towers attractions. Most notably, the iconic swan boats, which used to take visitors on a leisurely ride around the lake, allowing a peaceful 6 minutes away from the madness of the rest of the park. 2004 said the final farewells to the swans, which left after 17 years of service. In their place came the pay-per-play attraction Splash Kart Challenge, which couldn't have been more different to the tranquil Swan Boats ride. "Go-karts on water" would not be far from describing the ride. Riders would pay £3 for 2 laps of the course, which was made from floating rubber bumpers.

After 3 years of operation until 2007, and with the retheme of Merrie England underway, the Spash Karts too left the park for the final time.