What's the easiest way to travel around the Alton Towers theme park? Skyride of course! Take your seats, and admire some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of the park and gardens you will ever see...

The Skyride is the easiest way to get around Alton Towers, though it hasn't always been that way. Before the transportation system opened in 1987, guests had to rely on road trains, a much smaller Cable Car system or just their plain old legs to get around...

The old Cable Car ran from the end of Towers Street to the area that Forbidden Valley sits on today, but used very small 4 person cars and was quite a simple system. It was a world away from the much higher capacity and more expansive system that was put in its place. Rather than the original and limited route, the new Skyride allowed guests to travel between Towers Street, Forbidden Valley and Fountain Square (located between Dark Forest and Cloud Cuckoo Land) which made the park much more manageable and accessible for guests.

For nearly twenty years the ride operated with very few problems. However, during Scarefest 2007 a fire broke out in the central station at Forbidden Valley. The roof of the station building was damaged, as well as the interior. As a result the Skyride was shut for a six month period whilst it was repaired and bought back to an operating condition, reopening partway through the 2008 season.

By the time the ride re-opened after the fire, the gondolas were beginning to become dated due to their very 80's style and feel. The park took the decision to replace the fleet for the 2009 season and introduced bright, multicoloured gondolas, which have had a massive visual improvement.

Shortly after this upgrade another fire broke out on the evening of the 21st July 2009 - this fire occurred in the Fountain Square station, and completely gutted the building. The Skyride once more remained out of action for the rest of the season, until a new station was designed and built ready for the start of the 2010 season.

Attraction Facts

Gondola Lift
28th March 1987
£6 million
Track Length
1048 metres
Track Height
61 metres
Ride Length
5:00 (aprox)
Max Speed
9 mph
2880 riders per hours
Ride Cars
52 gondolas
Persons per Car
10 per gondola

Attraction Extras

No standard Fastrack available
Not open for Early Ride Time
No souvenir photo available

Attraction Restrictions

More information on height restrictions...
Minimum Height


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