Wicker Man

The Beornen are risen and have claimed a corner of Mutiny Bay as their own. Venture into their territory and experience their labyrinthine celebration of all things natural...

Wicker Man

Wicker Man

Embark upon Alton Towers' latest coaster and enter the mystic world of The Boernen and their tribute to a more primal time, where the greatest of thrills was to combine wood with fire to take part in the ritual of Wicker Man.

There have long been tales of a tribe dwelling in the ancient woodlands around the resort, and now they have chosen to reveal themselves to the world and invite the chosen ones to learn of their culture. Follow the smell of char and the light of burning embers to a clearing in the woods that surround Mutiny Bay - here their ultimate creation awaits

Those who choose to cast off the shackles of modern life can embrace the primal thrills as the coaster's wooden track twists its way towards its ultimate destination, plunging through the chest of the Wicker Man itself as flames lick through the gargantuan structure.

Attraction Stats

20th March 2018
£16 Million
Track Length
Track Height
Max Speed
Ride Cars
3 Trains
Persons per Car


20th March 2018
Opened in Mutiny Bay

Attraction Extras

Fasttrack Available
Souvenir Photo Available

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Attraction Facts

Great Coasters International
Wooden Coaster
20th March 2018

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