Squirrel Nutty Ride

For 17 years Squirrel Nutty took guests on a leisurely journey amongst the treetops of Storybook Land. A fantastic trip for all the family...

The Life and Times

Squirrel Nutty
With the arrival of Storybook Land in 1996, came the Squirrel Nutty Ride, where everyone's favourite Squirrel gave an aerial tour through the trees and houses of the new area.
The ride's entrance was tucked away behind extremely detailed false trees near Adventure Land, and boasted a queueline built with lengthy waits in mind, containing various fun activities for children to enjoy to distract them from the wait.
When you had climbed the stairs to the cosy treehouse, you were shown to your acorn, which seated a maximum of three children or two adults.When the ride first opened, each 'acorn' had its own set of pedals allowing guests to "increase" the speed of their acorn, though in later years these were removed.
Once aboard your nut, you then set off on a relaxed treetop tour of the surrounding area, coasting over small hills, bumps, and turns over Old MacDonald's farmyard, before returning to the station through a tunnel of tree arches.
As you came to a stop in the station, you would be wise to heed the words of Squirrel Nutty and mind your heads as you leave the acorn, as the roof was a tad low!

What happened next...

In 2013 Squirrel Nutty said goodbye to the resort after 17 years, to make way for the CBeebies Land development.
But the story didn't end there... to all intents and purposes, the Squirrel Nutty Ride still exists within the park. With the development of CBeebies Land the ride system was maintained and new theming and car shells where added to turn the ride into Get Set Go Treetop Adventure. Squirrel Nutty may now be long gone, but in his place your guides are now the CBeebies Blob mascots. 

Attraction Stats

3rd November 2013
£1 million
Track Height
4 metres
Ride Length
4:00 (approx)
Max Speed
3 mph
Persons per Car


Opened in Storybook Land
3rd November 2013
Closed after 18 seasons

Attraction Facts

Premier Rides
Intelligent Pedal Rail
3rd November 2013