Congo River Rapids

An adventure through deepest Africa awaits you as you jump aboard your raft and face the raging torrents of the Congo...

Attraction Restriction Changes: From 2021, this ride's height restriction has changed to 1.1m accompanied and 1.3m unaccompanied.
Congo River Rapids

Take your seats on the Congo River Rapids and ready yourself for a rather wet trip down this majestic river. Just try not to get too distracted from the raging torrents by the sights and sounds, else you might brought back to reality with a splash.

On it's journey the raft dips and dives through canyons and tunnels, under bridges and past majestic waterfalls. The river even passes close to the neighbouring Runaway Mine Train. If you're lucky you might catch a train going by!

Attraction History

Grand Canyon Rapids

The Congo River Rapids as we now know them were originally opened in 1986 as the Grand Canyon Rapids - carrying a very plain theme and with minimal guest interaction. In fact, most of the ride was hidden from guests until you were rafting down the canyons.

The ride was constructed over 12 acres that had previously been the coach park and channel required one of the park's largest excavation projects to complete. Rocks blasted from the channel were used to enhance the canyon theming around the ride, whilst the soil excavated was used to create the embankment that separates the ride from the car park.

The rapids remained modestly themed until the intervention of John Wardley in 1992 when they were rethemed to the ride we see today with Katanga Canyon built on the island in the centre of the ride.

As the rest of the park has expanded, the area around the rapids has remained largely the same other then the arrival and departure of various elements of queue-line theming. But the passing of time has seemingly only improved the antiquated colonial theme though, and on hot days it is not unheard of to see queues of over an hour for this old stalwart.

Attraction Facts

River Rapids
Also Known As
Grand Canyon Rapids (1986 - 1991)
Track Length
725 Metres
Ride Length
1800 riders per hour
Ride Cars
Persons per Car

Attraction Extras

Fasttrack Available
Opens for Early Ride Time
Souvenir Photo Available

Attraction Restrictions

More information on height restrictions...
Minimum Height
Unaccompanied Height


- 1986 -
Opened as Grand Canyon Rapids in Aqualand
- 1992 -
Became Congo River Rapids in Katanga Canyon


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