12 Aug 2013 Trip report.

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    Trip with my daughter (nicknamed on here as Little Delta).

    I aimed to get to Alton Towers for 9am so we could get to the bottom of towers street for 10.
    the only part of my route that is not rural is going though Stoke on Trent. As with a rural roads, there was the usual hold ups.

    We arrived at 10 and headed straight to the gates for the car park, through the gate with the any day return tickets i got earlier in the year during the last visit. I tried to get a car park ticket but the machines would not play ball with me. then we headed via the loos to guest services.

    the queue was out the door but moved very quickly. The staff member was friendly and chatted as he read the paperwork for a disable wristband. He processed us in an affiance way without us feeling that he was trying to get us out. which is quite a skill, same i did not catch his name.

    Then it was on to the skyride and up to Forbidden Valley. first stop was to buy a quencher, for the only time that day i got a member of staff that was rude. and she was rude, sharp and generally unwelcoming.

    We rode Air and Nemesis, an the staff on both were great. over to Dark Forest to ride Rita, a ride that I could happy miss out but Little Delta loves it. again the ride staff were great.

    We decided to leave thirteen till later and go for the smiler. On route we meet the Park Keepers, and after joining in with the dance for 'I'm sexy and I know it' with Little Delta saying she does not know me. we got to the smiler.

    We have ridden this earlier in the year, and I found that Little Delta is just like me when it come to vertical lift hills. We are not fans of them. The walking disabled access for it is great, as it leads inside the main building. but it did affect Little Delta, she ended up standing there with her eye closed.
    The one question I do have is, why don't they issue a small torch (single led one would do) so they can see the cards for DR (disable rider) and FT (Fastrack).
    Great ride, shame about the jot on the exit of one of the inversions.

    Lunch in CCL Burger kitchen, as woodcutters had a queue out of the door and along the front of it. To be honest, Burger Kitchen food is nothing to get excited about. The burger was slapped together, the fries reminded me of heat or lack of it given by service station chips in my early driving days.

    after a quick ride on thirteen, we stopped off at Runway mine train. and ended up having a great chat with the ride op on the exit side. really nice bloke with a love of coasters.

    Back for a ride on Air and Nemesis again, Little Delta got a Air bear. Rita again, then over to the smiler for a second trip, Smiler decided to have a bit of a moment. but soon got going again.

    We decided to end the day with a ride on Air and Nemesis. Both where after a day of operation running well, and running fast. giving the most energetic rides of the day.

    After failing to find the woodland walk entrance in FV, we walked to towers street. Shame they don't keep sky ride running after ride close.

    Then there is my usual love of going anywhere with a lot of people, the car park. Now I drive alot for work, and i am use to joys of lots of people trying to get onto a small road.

    So it was tea time. sitting in the open boot (No lip estate type car) having a picnic watching everyone pull out of their parking space straight into a queue, usually 10 feet in front of them.

    After an hour of watching near misses, Med service on blue lights, Giving a bloke with a duff battery a jump start from my booster box. It was time to go, it took less then 8 mins to get to the road and head for home.
    Posted 17th Aug 2013

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