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  1. Danny

    Danny Leicester Melvin Rong

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    Steel Vengeance
    Who: Myself, PT96, soundwave96Jeff, Vicky, ElectricElly
    What: A trip to the Towers
    Where: Alton Towers
    When: 19th July
    Why: For teh lulz.

    Ride Count:

    Nemmy x5
    Air x1
    Ripsaw x1
    RMT x1
    Spinball x1
    Rapids x1
    Flume x1
    Duel x1
    Skyride x6
    PT's Back x1

    So my first trip to Alton via public transport. This in itself caused faff before I was even miles within the reach of Towers. Getting trains mixed up from Manchester to Stoke, and then the displeasing sight of a box on wheels approaching to carry me to Uttoxeter.

    It was also my first trip in meeting people from the t'internet. So upon meeting PT and Jeff at Uttox, I had my first journey on a public bus to Towers, counting various people who's beauty could have been removed by a tissue.

    Arriving half way through ERT, we whored Nemmy back row [something I had never done before, therefore, I have lost my Nemmy back row virginity]. With 10am approaching and the gates set to open to all the small children from the 400 coaches, we decided to split up. Tom decided to get Shed Terra v2 under his belt for the day, Jeff decided to continue to whore Nemmy and I decided to ride Air before the 100+ minute queues hit in. SRQ wasn't open, so I had a quick blast on Ripsaw before rejoining and waiting for a while for my ride on Air. Georgia, in the future, please don't phone me half way round the circuit. The person sat next to me thought it was amazing how I managed to pull off a pose that made me look asleep for the ORP.

    Re grouping with the trollPT96 and Jeff, we headed off to meet Vicky, but not before riding RMT. The heavens opened, making RMT the wettest ride of the day :eek: After RMT, we met Vicky at the exit and then headed to Towers Street to meet up with Elly and her mum who had tagged along for the day ;) After proving to her mum that we weren't paedophiles, we headed off to ride Squirrel Nutty. Upon arriving in the queue, Vicky had a silent tantrum against going on, so we decided to make the most of SRQ on Sonic due to the three person car loading. I would also be about to lose my Spinball virginity, having never ridden it before. I don't want to waffle on about my views on it, but it's a pile of meh.

    Being the lazy gits we were, we headed to the Skyride to head across to Dark Forest as Vicky wanted to try out Woodcutter's veggie options. Que much insanity on the Skyride and scaring two small children. Upon arriving at Woodcutters, que much ranting from me about Merlin charging £2.10 for a sodding cup of tea. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed our time in Woodcutters and it was a good laugh, especially with the banter towards Elly's mum ;)

    After the noms, we decided to take a look at the SW7 construction site from atop the Towers. I've never really explored the Towers, so it was a good oppertunity to take a look around. After somehow everyone getting separated from each other, we re grouped and walked around deciding which fireplace Mr Claus would have descended down on Christmas days in the 1800s. After our venture around the Towers, we headed on down to X Sector to be greeted by a huge queue for Oblivion and Vicky snapped up some pics of the SW7 site. [She'll get the pics up soon enough]

    We headed to the Dark Forest to yet have more Skyride fun around the park before heading onto the Rapids, where we all came off acceptably wet. Vicky then decided to abandon us for a ride on Shed Terra with her sister, leaving the four of us to head onto a fourth ride on Nemmy. After a 30 minute wait for back row, we headed off to Gloomy Wood. Myself and Tom rode the Haunted House, whilst Elly and Jeff rode Duel. After Duel/Haunted House, Elly abandoned us leaving just the three of us. The queue for the Flume was short, so we decided to chance it against the rain cloud lurking in the sky. After having Tom insist on crushing my genitals, we came off acceptably wet. Yet more Skyride fun to Forbidden Valley for a final go on Nemesis and me providing Tom with some birthday donuts, we then took to our last ride of the day in the form of the Skyride to head back to Towers Street, where the same advert for Ice Age and Sub Terra were replayed over and over again.

    Walking up Towers Street as the sun decided to shine, we returned back to Uttoxeter and tried to find an appropriate place for me to urinate as we couldn't find a near by toilet. Damn.

    All in all, a great day and a better than expected ride count. It was great to finally meet some people from the forum, and has made me realise that it isn't as hard as I thought it was to get to Towers.


    Meeting PT, Jeff, Vicky and Elly in person.
    First ride on Nemesis back row. Always Nemesis back row.
    Loosing Spinball-ginity.
    Elly's mum.
    Dining at Woodcutters.
    Elly's mum.
    Group Merlin Bashing.
    Vicky's nuts.
    Elly's mum.
    A great ride count for what was supposed to be a busy day.
    Skyride not burning down at any point in the day.
    Much laughs at Uttox station before Tom and Jeff departed.
    Train back from Stoke to Manchester.


    The temporary "bin bridge" in the Nemesis queue over a puddle.
    Not riding any of the Dark Forest rides or Blivvy.
    Vicky and Elly's sudden departures.
    Bus ride back to Uttox. Sickening.
    No where to urinate at Uttox.
    Stelios missing his train and not being able to come.
    Georgia phoning me on Air instead of at a sensible time.
    Tom & Jeff leaving me to wait for my train.
    Phone dying on the train back to Stoke.
    Train back to Stoke.
    Posted 20th Jul 2012
  2. Poisson

    Poisson TowersStreet Member

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    Behind You
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    The Giant Squid
    My ride count differed by no ride on Air or Rippy but a ride on Shed-Tezza (Jeff accompanied me because SRQ for Nemmy was shut.)

    2 of our rides on the Skyride we mentally scarred some people by saying what Danny and Elly's Mum would do...

    Tom's positives:
    Sub-Terra V2
    Meeting Danny and Elly for the first time
    Meeting Vicky again
    The Flume not drowning us
    Vicky having to be put on a leash :p
    Danny and Elly's mum
    SW7 Construction
    EMT back to Sheffield

    Tom's Negatives:
    XC train to Derby
    The silence when Jamie said ''You DO know what he looks like?''
    Rocester-coaster being mild
    No skyride fire
    Nemmy Q puddle
    Submission was still there
    Stelios failing miserably.
    Posted 20th Jul 2012
  3. Maya

    Maya TowersStreet Member

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    Wow, you got on a lot!
    I had
    Blade (x2) (Wondering, were you the ones sitting behind a group of three girls, shouting "Towers Times" and "Coaster Force! every time we got up to the top?)
    Twirling toad stalls
    The spinning tea cups things (Cant spell the name, so I just call it that..)

    And had lunch at Fried chicken & Co!
    Posted 20th Jul 2012
  4. Scott

    Scott Former TS Team Member

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    Sounds like you guys had fun! Danny, you missed out if you did't go on Terry though :)
    Posted 20th Jul 2012
  5. Danny

    Danny Leicester Melvin Rong

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    Steel Vengeance
    I agree in a way, but the fact is I got on Air before the 100 minute queues racked up. I'd take that over Sub Terra. I'll probably end up riding Sub Terra v2 in August anyway :)
    Posted 20th Jul 2012
  6. Stelios

    Stelios TowersStreet Member

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    Disney Land Stafford
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    I'm sure it was a pleasurable experience for you for many reasons Danneh. Just wait until Staffs Sandwich when I'll give you a nasty surprise before you give me one.

    Anything interesting happen in the Skyride except loud farting from a certain train buddy? Glad you had a good time, and I'll certainly be there next time.
    Posted 20th Jul 2012
  7. Electric Elly

    Electric Elly TowersStreet Member

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    And I thought I would get away with not writing a trip report. Plans! Foiled again!

    Well, despite the weather being typically British and raining most of the day, my first only-planned-the-night-before meet went rather well.

    +Meeting up with people that i have only ever talked to online before
    +Managing to get my usual seat on Nemesis (back far right or no ride)
    +Disappearing people (as in Vicky) in the Towers
    +Mentally scarring some nosy children on the Skyride to Dark Forest/ CCL
    +Construction "Oooo! There's a target there!"
    +"UNACCEPTABLE WETNESS!" At every splash of water on the rapids from Danny

    -Having to leave at sometime after four
    -The infestation of school children
    -SRQ for Sonic Spinball barely moving
    -The weather
    -No Skyride fire to warm myself up with
    Posted 23rd Jul 2012

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