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2019: Rulantica

It seems like work on the facades of Hotel Krønasår is progressing well, as well as the roof of the waterpark. :) This is genuinely looking spectacular, and it’s not even finished!


Image from Thomas Mack on Twitter.
A short video showing a rather large collection of slide pieces lying by the construction site of Rulantica, plus a closer look at the rapid progress on the facades and roof of Hotel Krønasår.

This is really starting to get exciting now, the hotel is huge! It is a pity that nothing can be done about the power lines across the site, especially at the front of the hotel, but hopefully they won't be noticed too much.

Looks awesome, it's really good that they've already considered future waterpark expansions with the initial building placement. It would be amazing if they can eventually extend the EP Express out to Rulantica or have some other form of fixed transport. The concept art looks incredible, especially the ice section.
InPark Magazine have posted an interesting article with Chris Lange, the Creative Director at Mack Solutions. He gives a little bit more information about the theme of Rulantica.

The waterpark, like Hotel Kronosar, is also themed more as a museum rather than the actual island of Rulantica. So it is more of a special exhibition whereby lots of artifacts have been brought back from an expidition to Rulantica so that guests can experience what the island is like. By theming it in this way, it means that the actual structure of the waterpark building does not impact upon the theme.

It also apparently takes 2 years to get permits for fibreglass waterslides in Germany which is why a lot of other waterparks in the country have steel slides and also explains why the planning process took so long.

Hopefully everything remains on track and the waterpark is able to open in time for the 2019/20 winter season as I cannot wait to experience it!

Just noticed a couple of new pieces of concept art from a recent-ish YouTube video by Europa Park. :)


Judging by those drawings, I take it there will be a "no fat chicks (or guys, for that matter)" rule then? And children will be encouraged to run around poolside?

Joking aside, I hope this isn't final. It all looks like some ugly slum shanty town on stilts to me.
Europa Park have published a new blog post detailing some of the themed areas that will make up Rulantica, whilst also revealing some fantastic new concept art for those areas. :)

English translation below.

This blog entry will finally reveal new secrets. Four super detailed and exciting illustrations will show you excerpts from four other topics with the beautiful names: "Rangnakor", "Lumȧfals", "Skip Strand" and "Skog Lagoon". Almost exactly half a year ago we have already introduced you to the first two topics of "Rulantica" in the linked article - "Glacier Temple" & "Trolldal". And today, finally, supplies for the eye. Have a good look and be curious. We still have two more areas in our drawers - soon we will also reveal these secrets.

Without losing a lot of words, this article shows you directly and without any frills new insights into "Rulantica". So let's go! The theme area "Rangnakor" impresses with its characteristic stilt houses. The city on the stilts looks like it was built by Vikings and has many slides.


The city must once be surrounded by floods. Now large slides lead down from Rangnakor.

"Lumȧfals" - home of mermaids & watermen

They are fascinating creatures of Rulantica and at the same time the protector of the island: the mermaids and watermen. They lived in a cave, which is fed by a waterfall. In this waterfall, the sea creatures are projected and Lumȧfals is their home.


In the heart of the island lies the grotto, where mermaids and watermen are at home!

On "Skip Strand" there is much to discover!

An adventure playground with sunken tri-masts, along with a variety of nets, ropes and masts: On Skip Beach ran aground ships, infatuated with the song of sirens, the stranger should keep away.


"Skip Strand" is a true adventure playground for little and big buccaneers!

An oasis of peace called "Skog Lagoon"

Waterfalls, bubble loungers and a poolside bar framed by pines and rocks make the "Skog Lagoon" an oasis of calm and cosiness.


"Skog Lagoon" is one of eight subject areas "Rulanticas" and at the same time probably the most relaxing!

You want to know more about "Rulantica"? Then I can recommend the following homepage!
Looking at the concept art, it seems that not only will guests be allowed to take drinks into the pool, but that there actually appears to be a swim up bar jutting out into the centre of the pool. Nice and convenient, if that is indeed what it is supposed to be! :)

There has been mention of a swim-up bar in previous material, so I’d guess it almost certainly is a bar. God bless EP.
Swim up bars are quite common at pools in Germany. No doubt they will have wristbands that you use to pay and then pay at the end when leaving.

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For the next 4 weeks, EP are giving little concept teasers to areas of Rulantica. This week is Rangnakor, a Viking village built on stilts:

Someone has to do the shopping I suppose! Very nice beds of course.
They’re really differentiating Rulantica from other waterparks by insisting it will not have any tropical theming. It will be strictly (and beautifully) Scandinavian. Cannot wait to visit this new park!!
I love some of the random updates that Thomas Mack is giving us. Here is a look at the main cooking unit for the kitchen of Tre Krønen fine dining restaurant:

This is the restaurant that will have an open plan kitchen and the opportunity to dine at the chef's table.

Throwing this out there.....

I think the water park has been penciled in for opening on 6th December. Why do i say this?

Well....the hotels have limited availability for this date in December and this date only. I think they'll be giving a lot of the rooms away to invited guests.

Could have this all wrong but I'm taking a punt at this being the date.
Well, it’s been a while since we had a proper Hotel Krønasår update, but Thomas Mack tweeted today about the work that is taking place in designing all the different eateries that will be located throughout the hotel. :)

“Date of vote with our long-time friend and companion Rudi Neumeier for the furnishing of our restaurant "Tre Krønen" as well as the "Bar Erikssøn" and the "Café Konditori" #howtobuildahotel #Gastronomie #Dekoration #Krønasår