2021 New Parade - Ed's Adventure Parade

Discussion in 'EuropaStreet Discussion' started by Aardvark747, 15th Dec 2019.

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    From my understanding (as I have not yet visited Europa Park) there is some concept art up for a new parade that is due to come to the park next year called Ed's Adventure Parade in the preview centre alongside the concept art for Pirates. I can seem to find no other information but that and was wondering if anyone else knew anymore? I would presume that it will start at the start of the summer season and continue to follow current parade route/show stops
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    Posted 15th Dec 2019
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    There’s definitely information advertising this new parade for next year. It appears to be a mix of new floats and a redress of the existing ones.

    EP’s parades have definitely improved in recent years and by the look of the Preview Centre artwork, there will be a nice combination of steampunk (what else?) and Rulantica woven in next year.
    Posted 19th Dec 2019
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    Thanks to Venny:

    You can now listen to the soundtrack for what was due to be the new parade for this season, Ed’s Adventure Parade. It’s available on the usual platforms under the artist Europa United. I don’t think this has been seen previously, so an early Christmas treat.

    The Deezer link
    The Spotify link
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    Posted 24th Dec 2020

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