Alton Towers Live - Saturday 6th July 2013

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Voke, 25th Feb 2013.

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    For those who missed out, it appears it is going to be broadcast on TV and the Internet from what I can make out.

    Link: Here

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    I had a vague memory of that but I couldn't remember the specifics. :p It really is immoral for them to double the price just because you're encased in the queueline.
  3. Dave

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    I got an ice-lolly for £1.80 in the Smiler queue on opening day, it was a Twister and very nice it was too.

    If your ill in a queue i would suggest you have to proceed backwards down the queue or get to the shop and ask for help. Thats the same in all queue-lines, only Oblivion has a genuine easy escape option. Though it's maybe an idea on all queues to add those "call for help" intercom things you see in train stations though i just imagine they would get abused. Its a big issue in all queues really if you are taken ill, though a few tunnels with videos in would help the Smiler queue enormously.

    though this is off topic, as for the concert free water was available and very obviously sign-posted. And apparently the prices where still cheaper than most stadium's which shocked me.
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    The danger with the Smiler queue line is that unlike other queue lines, eg, Rita - it is below the level of the ground thus eliminating any breeze or air through the queue, and secondly, its surrounded by concrete which causes an intensity of the sun around you. Add to this a feeling of being "closed in" and you have a recipe for disaster on hot summer days.

    Perhaps they should invest in some panels over the top of some of the queue line areas to provide some shade as you slowly move around the queue - and there need to be access points for staff, and exit points for people waiting if there is an emergency. With Rita and other similar queue lines - at least to some extent you have the option of climbing over the fence and/or shouting at the staff near the entrance to attract attention.

    Hope you are ok T and wish you a speedy recovery.

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