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Discussion in 'Your Alton Towers Trip Reports and Plans' started by Carolyn45, 3rd Apr 2018.

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    Hello. We are hoping to come over from Dublin during our mid term which begins Monday 29th October. We can visit the park any day that week. What would people recommened in terms of queues?
    Any help much appreciated.
    Posted 3rd Apr 2018
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    Hi Carolyn45, I've moved your thread to our trip planning forum!

    Scarefest is taking place all of that week and I would imagine that the park will be busy. I'd avoid the 31st if I was you, chances are that with it being Halloween the park will be busier that day. It's hard to recommend a day in that week that would be best to visit. The Friday could well be the quietest as people may hold off a day to attend the Fireworks event over the weekend.

    Posted 3rd Apr 2018

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