Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2023 Discussion


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So this loss making show is already on sale a year early? Are they hoping to actually but bums on seats this time or are they just trying to make it look like an exclusive show that always sells out a year early? What a waste of time, resources and money this is (I feel like @rob666 )


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There's probably licensing costs involved but seeing as the park has a Nickelodeon Land surely a Nickelodeon character themed ice skating show would seem like a more obvious show, especially for a matinee show, than what's currently on offer.


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So the show is called Love, Love, Love.

Even the name is enough to put half of potential punters off.

Or maybe it's a sex show ?

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Just watching this you tube video from lift hills and thrills

So the pleasure beach have trademarked the name head above the clouds so could it be a new attraction or worst a up charge attraction.


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Here is the trademark, looks like they are getting a big wheel
UK00003784949 (1).jpeg