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Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion

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Had lots of discussion on this last year...started again this year.
East entrance is dedicated to season pass holders...allegedly.
If there is a long queue in front of you, go to the security guy, complain that the entrance is for season pass holders only, and because of this you want to go to guest services to get your wristband.
If he (or she) refuses access, insist on the head of security be called, and insist on entrance to the park immediately.
This is guidance from a customer service manager on the park last year.
It has worked so far this year, but you must be blunt but polite.
The only person to argue was the customer service staff on duty...he insisted it wasn't a dedicated season pass entrance...I told him very bluntly that it had been for the last two seasons...and he needed to take it up with customer services management, as I already had done.
He issued my pass arguing that I should not enter the park without the entry pass.
I told him to take it up with the customer service manager...and to look up dedicated in the dictionary.
Good advice. However it clearly demonstrates how farcical this situation is. Sometimes pleasure beach just do not communicate between themselves and unfortunately it’s their customers who suffer.

It’s improved but Season Pass discounts in years gone by have been equally diabolical in their inconsistency. Surely it can’t take that much to communicate these issues to your staff.
Pleasure Beach was very busy yesterday, they must be doing pretty well this season.

Dread to think how long people were waiting for Infusion, which was queuing up the stairs and out the main entrance. And Avalanche, where the queue was going back to the laughing bloke.

Big One back row was nowhere near as rough as my ride on it last season, it was actually brilliant.

Still can't quite get over just how different Icon rides in the morning compared to late afternoon.
The big difference between Saturdays and Sundays attendance continues...about half the numbers on the park today compared to yesterday.
Front of the Icon queue before the gates opened at 10.55, two rides on that, Big One and Steeplechase in the first hour, then Dipper and Avalanche with ten minute queues after beer.
No issues today walking past the entrance queue at the east gate either, waved through to guest services once you have shown your pass.
Lovely rides...and company.
And daily opening for the next month.
BPB has put the non riders entry pass up to a tenner from six quid.
They have added the River Caves, but still seems a bit of a rip off, especially as the River Caves is on Speedypass and has a poor throughput.
Completely unacceptable.
Just seen this now. I agree, it's a bit strange and I doubt it will be a popular decision. How long till they phase them out entirely?
BPB may as well just go POP, it's quite obvious they don't want any form of passing trade, or to take advantage of the extra revenue associated with walk-up custom. (They really must be in a strong financial position to be able to afford to turn away customers, fair play to them)

Yeah let's go the whole hog shall we, go POP, close at 4pm during the week, stagger openings, charge as much for season passes as day tickets, cripple ride capacity and oversell speedy pass and try be a stand alone attraction in the UK''s biggest tourist destination.

Yeah, way to go :banghead:
I think ride tickets are pretty much dead now so they may as well just go POP.

It would speed up ride throughput, speed up park entry and save money by not having to staff the scanners or pay for the running and upkeep of the current wristband system.

They may have to think about having a reduced entry fee for pensioners if they did go to POP as I suspect there are currently a lot of grandparents that pay the walk round price.

Regarding speedy pass, staff were actively trying to sell it on the Sunday just gone. Ghost train has also now been added to speedy pass (but it may only be the VIP option). On Saturday the big one queue was enormous despite it being on 2 trains so I can only assume that speedy pass was badly affecting throughput.

It was great to see the park busy at the weekend but speedy pass is becoming ever more popular and its killing ride throughput all over the park.
They've added Ghost Train to speedy pass? The ride that used to run 18+ cars but now runs about 9 despite being one of the most popular ones?

They've added Ghost Train to speedy pass? The ride that used to run 18+ cars but now runs about 9 despite being one of the most popular ones?


Yes, and it is just on VIP+

So I think that's now every ride apart from Steeplechase that you can queue jump if you are prepared to pay.
Was great to see all the coasters at full capacity over the weekend, the queues were flying through, especially on PMBO and Grand National.
Do you mean Sunday ?

The PMBO queue on Saturday must have been well over an hour despite it being on 2 trains.

And Steeple only ran 2 lanes all weekend. I can only assume there was a problem with the 3rd lane.

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This topic has been locked. No further replies can be posted.