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CBeebies Land

If Postman pat had a system like duel and the same number of cars with a little gap it could be good capacity but I think they were plans to add on to next year so there could be more cars in the station.
Duel has a very complex and advanced system that speeds up and slows down cars based on where they are and what they're going past. In theory you should never see a car ahead or behind you on duel but it's space with enough vehicles to have continuous on load and offload.

Postman Pat doesn't need anything near that level of complication - it could do with dual onload and offload though.
Yeah that's like what i mean but in better words and I think they were on about adding a duel onload and offload of queues are like now by the end of the year. There needs to be a high capacity kids to family coaster and sonic being relocated on park or to another merlin park to have a indoor area with 2 family rides and a restaurant themed around a cbeebies show, possibly the clangers if it is popular once it makes it comeback.
@Jonathan's excited!


But seriously, whoever came up with the concept of Teletubbies was definitely on drugs, almost as much as ItNG.
Impressed with Cbeebies land very well done, The show time arena was very enjoyable Saturday with the nice weather not sure the appeal will be there when it's freezing cold and pissing down ;)
My first visit to cbeebies land yesterday and I was quite impressed, you obviously can polish a turd after all.
Justins house is the most fun I've had at AT for the last 7 years (since little one was born).
It needs more rides though but I can see that coming in the next couple of years as Drayton did with Thomas land.
Had my first visit to Towers last week since March so finally got to wander round CBeebies Land. Have to say I was impressed with most of it. Really interactive for kids (and my 26 year old other half who was thoroughly engaged by everything!). I think visiting with a child would make for a great day out.

One minor thing that annoyed me was the Get Set Go cars still having the acorn wheels from Squirrel Nutty. Could they not have done something/anything with them?!

Finally, felt the need to share this from the gift shop:

You had one job!
One of the attractions I haven't done in CBeebies! Done most of the others, mind.

We did it in a.... unique way lol. Absolutely true to what the experience is, but it was a mini-tst-unofficial-takeover with mini me the only one who knew about the show, of course, she was er, nervous, yes, nervous... so we all "accompanied" her. :D

She did offer to accompany any adult that would wish to try out the CBeebies attractions with a "kid" who didn't wish to appear a freak lol!

The lady who had to put on the show, performed absolutely brilliantly, a credit to the park, the area, the attraction and herself - totally unfazed, and we all experienced it as a little one would - in fairness we all genuinely wanted to see what it was like and we didn't take away from anyone else using it as it was empty!

The attraction is brilliant. Had me in bits at times. And I can imagine the kids would absolutely adore this attraction, it's REALLY well done, definitely the undisputed highlight of the single attractions in CBeebies - it's brilliant.

It's twee, it's cute, it's interactive, it's fun, it's well themed, very clever, and genuinely funny in parts - it's obviously well planned, very well thought out and I cannot find a single fault. I adored it. Charming and wonderful and to me absolutely the high standard we should expect from Towers.

A triumph. I'd do it again in a moment!
Does anyone think that the music playlist played in CBL will get changed this year? It seems to be a loop of about 5-10 tracks from the different shows, and surely there's more than that to have a play around with.
CBeebies land was buzzing today. Loads of entertainment, reasonable but not long queues and just generally a lovely atmosphere!
Bump! (In here is better than quick questions I think)

Few quick questions regarding environmental impact of the old ice show tent:

1. Is it now used as a show in the cbbc area or is it still disused?
2. If it is, is it anything as grand as it used to be? Loud music etc. or is it pretty low scale?
3. Can the noise generated from it be heard from outside the park during the day time and is it as loud as the ice show used to be when that could be heard from Alton & Farley and beyond smashing out Robbie Williams two to three times a day?

Diolch yn fawr