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CBeebies Land

So it's a bit like Thorpe are doing but without the silly smartphone restrictions.

Ironically as well it's just like the first (free) iteration of Towers Fastrack that they had! Hope that this helps to ease queues and appease customers though.

And let's dream that they find it more efficient and crowd pleasing than paid fastrack! ;)
I'd say this is literally just to appease the people who are queuing 70mins with little ones, cos there is no fastrack available.

Doubt it'd go much further than maybe this, Postman Pat and Get Set Go really.
I'd say this is literally just to appease the people who are queuing 70mins with little ones, cos there is no fastrack available.

Doubt it'd go much further than maybe this, Postman Pat and Get Set Go really.

Agreed - I reckon they've probably had a few complaints about it and have decided to respond to it. A good idea in principle I think - my only thinking is that on busy days, could families return to Cbeebies Land for their timeslot then not be able to re-enter the area in time for their allocated slot due to the managed entry? :)
Have they ever used the queueline outside of CBeebies land though? Besides, you could just stay in the area. Unlike with Thorpe's Reserve and Ride system, there are actually enough non-ride attractions in the area for this sort of system to work well without just moving the queues elsewhere. You could go and see a show, spend some time in the Tree Fu Tom play area or visit Nina's science lab.

I can still see it causing issues though. It seems a little too inflexible as you're tied to the time on your ticket, then there's the risk of guest complaints if the allocation runs out and people are turned away.
Have they ever used the queueline outside of CBeebies land though? .

Very briefly during ERT on the day it opened. But even when it was being used, the quantity of people in the queue itself was very little. I think they were either anticipating dramatically longer queues, or underestimated the amount of people the area would be able to hold. I can't see it being used in the future unless specific family based events were held.
Some information I was given regarding the area audio;

The arena sound is 4 x HD-MH mid high cabinets with 4 x CS-18H subs. The mid highs are powered by three channel Daisy amplifiers which are class D with integral DSP and the subs are powered by four single channel Daisy amplifiers. The subs are arranged in a cardioid configuration to reduce noise pollution.

In other areas there are over 80 small cabinets - CT-6, CT-26, CW-28 which have been colour coded to the individual area themes. These smaller cabinets are powered 18 x DA4-8, four channel amplifiers.
I'm sorry, I'm not really an audio geek but I presume the CBeebies set up reduces all noise outside the area to a minimum? Does anyone know how successful it is?
Hello! Visited last Sunday and Monday.

Even though my youngest is 7 she really wanted to do the ITNG ride (Strange mix as she had just been on 13). There's a xylophone in the queue to pass the time. The beater is already loose from it's chain and the paint on the metal bars is cracked and flaking off. We waited about an hour in a queue, and the actual ride isn't any different to how it used to be. The timing between the boat audio and where you are in the ride is a bit out of synch. She enjoyed it though.

Glad to hear they are trialling timed rides as the queues completely put me off. We did do Mr Blooms and that was excellent. Tree Fu Tom's area is OK too. The Charlie and Lola area was fun, but would never queue for it. My two struggled with the weight and size of the magnetic pieces for dressing C and L up. They loved the projected puddle which ripples when you stand on it. The picnic and show area looked great but we didn't use it.

Was really impressed by the help the staff gave my 9 year old when she lost uso_O;)
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Disappointing to hear that theming touches are already fading (both on and off ride). I hope they have sufficient budget to keep these pieces working and refreshed during the season.

You do have to question why more heavy duty materials weren't used for queue line activities if they are braking already?
Not good to hear about things breaking or showing signs of wear and tear only two weeks after opening. Hopefully the BBC will be carrying out regular checks of the area to ensure that it is kept to a high quality. It would be a pity if they let standards slip so soon as it really is a brilliant area.

They do have a team visit each week I think to check it is up to scratch so i don't think they'll be happy at the end of the year if things are already starting to fall apart.
Hopefully the BBC have settled a rolling maintenance program with Towers. I doubt they will want an area that represents their brand looking half arsed or shoddy.
Visited CBeebies land for the first time on Thursday. Overall I was really impressed. The Postman Pat ride is excellent, love the themeing and the vibrant colours. The outdoor stage area I thought was excellent, though I wonder how long that astroturf will last.

The boat ride, well, not having watched CBeebies I came off that thinking i'd just taken acid or something. Seriously - are kids into that stuff thesedays! No wonder they all talk rubbish lol. My only concern if i'm honest is going to be the upkeep of the area year upon year. There was already signs of wear in some places.

But, overall, very impressed.
What? Like this? http://www.altontowers.com/timed-ticketing/
(just seen this on the CBeebies Land attractions page)

How incredibly ironic that they're going back to the free virtual queue system. Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't towers the world's first theme park to offer free timed fastrack/virtual queue, back in the day?

I don't see why they can't bring this system back for all the major rides to be honest. They can keep paid Fastrack for people who want it now, and offer the free timed system for people willing to wait. Both can work together equally well, they keep the revenues up while increasing guest satisfaction.