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Cedar Point: General Discussion

And here is a look at the train:

Obviously looks like the concepts, but I like it. Hopefully the build quality is decent, especially considering the speed it’s going to be going at!

Massive wheels as well, due to the heat that the triple launch will generate.
Thought I'd put this in here because it's about Raptor. How does it compare to other notable inverts around the world. Is Raptor as good as Nemesis, Montu and Black mamba or is it on a similar level to the Batman clones and Inferno
Raptor is superb, a top level B&M Invert which is very intense. I actually found it a bit much when I was at Cedar Point, but really enjoyed riding Monster at Walygator last year so am looking forward to getting back on Raptor.

It is also ridiculously loud!
I haven’t done Raptor, but I have done Monster, it’s French clone. It’s absolutely my favourite invert. It’s an incredibly intense experience. I’d say the closest comparison for me would be Montu, based on scale.