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Discussion in 'Corner Coffee' started by Maya, 16th Nov 2014.

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    I've been put in charge of a charity event at my school next month that will be raising money for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Last year, I organised the raffle and got hold of lots of amazing prizes that raised £600 alone, but this year I want to beat this total, as well as raising more than any other charity event at our school has raised before!
    Does anyone here have any ideas of things I could organise to get lots of money? I've got an own clothes day at school so far, with everyone paying a pound, a cake stall and a football match (Teachers v Students) and a netball match.
    Also, with the raffle thing, does anyone have any clue of any companies that will donate (If you work for one/own one & could get me in touch with someone who could get some stuff, please comment!)
    Today I've sent over 100 emails to local buisinesses & restaurants, as well as some larger ones and already have got a Farmfoods voucher, paintball tickets, and Morrisons, Tesco and Marks & Spensers have said if I pop into a store they should be able to sort me out with some things. Considering it's a Sunday and most places are shut I think i've done quite well!
    I have emailed Towers and other theme parks, but I doubt I'll get a responce because I'm pretty sure I've seen they've got their own allocated charities.
    Posted 16th Nov 2014
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    An easy and good game to do is an open the box game.

    The hardest part is possibly getting the dud keys, normally people have old keys kicking about. All you need is a box, would be handy if you can see the prize inside, and a lock. Then a bag full of keys along with one that works. Then you charge something like a pound for three keys and hop no one wins.

    I have seen it done where they have a big prize like £150 but I have a feeling there was not a key that worked.
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    Posted 16th Nov 2014
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    When I've done charity fundraisers in school, a good easy thing to do is put collection buckets (decorated with the charity logo ect) around and about e.g next to the tills in the canteen and so on. People put their spare change in and you collect a fair amount from the pennies. If you're lucky there will be some pounds in there too. :p

    We also did a 'sponge the teacher' stall thingy, where students paid 50p to throw wet sponges at a teacher which was very amusing. This depends on the willingness of the staff though of course. :p Me and some friends also arranged a year 7 disco for the last hour of the day. We acted as DJs and played music through a laptop and speakers. It proved quite popular haha.
    Posted 18th Nov 2014

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