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Discussion in 'European Parks and Attractions' started by Maelstrom, 28th Apr 2014.

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    You don’t need to book your hotel breakfast if you’re already on a full price dining plan. Just turn up at the hotel restaurant, show your Magic Pass and they’ll seat you. You may need to wait a few minutes if there’s a queue, but it’ll depend what time you go down at.

    The only people who normally have to book are those paying for their breakfast without a plan. It is a bit confusing though so don’t feel like you’ve missed something obvious!

    If you got the dining plan included free in a holiday package or discounted you’ll be eating somewhere else in Disney Village or one of the parks. When you check in you’ll be told by the receptionist where to go for your breakfast (they generally try to distribute everyone across different outlets to avoid any one place being overwhelmed).
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    Thanks Ian, yeah we got half board plus in a package I booked directly through DLP :)
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    It's great news and so badly needed at that park. Every time we visit we only ever spend a few hrs in the Studios park.

    I have to admit I'm a little disappointed with the amount of new attractions there will be though. Just 1 in the Frozen Land and 1 in the mini Star Wars land (it it still goes ahead) is really not that great given the size of this expansion. You'd hope they will add further rides to both lands in phase two.

    Marvel Land looks good though.
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    I just saw this really interesting video from ReviewTyme about Terrorific Nights, a Halloween event that ran at Walt Disney Studios from 2008 to 2012:

    Did anyone on here ever get to visit this event? And if so, what did you think?

    It certainly looks pretty intense even excluding the Disney factor... I'm not remotely surprised that the Walt Disney Company supposedly considered it too intense for the Disney brand!
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