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Fuji-Q Highland: General Discussion

Well there goes the one and only reason I'd ever bother going to Japan. :cry:
They might as well add VR while they're at it. Although in fairness that Disney Seas looks OK. I'm sure Japanese theme parks aren't so bad.
Apparently there have been rumours that they are looking to increase the top speed by 5mph. How true these are remains to be seen!
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Unless there were structual problems with the tower itself (which is quite possible due to the number of earthquakes they have) this seems like a pointless addition.

I'm not too worried by this though, the sheer craziness of the launch is enough on its own!
I'd take a loop at that speed over the tower, surely? Great ride - feels very much like someone's first No Limits project.
This photo is from last month, but here are the footers going in for the new loop:



I'd have liked the loop to be in addition to the top hat, not replacing it. Can't see it being as good :/
We have some official stats regarding the new Dodonpa, and the good news is that the launch will not be any slower. Quite the opposite, if all goes to plan they are making it even faster!
  • Loop diameter: 39.7 m (World's largest * Guinness records acquisition loop of America exceeding 38.75 m diameter in-house investigation)
  • Loop Height: Approximately 49 m above the ground
  • Maximum speed: Start 180 km / h in 1.8 seconds (planned) * Old Dodonpa maximum speed 172 km / h
  • Full length: 1,244 m (Old Dodonpa 1,189 m)
It is set to re-open on July 15th.

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Fully supportive of this. As much as I loved the old ride, who doesn't love a mahoosive loop.

Perhaps my favourite kind of inversion is still a vertical loop, even after all this time. There are many things I do not love about The Smiler but the key thing is that they crammed 14 inversions into that thing and they couldn't find space for a loop...
When I first saw that photo, I didn't think it looked anything like as tall as Full Throttle's loop. Dodonpa's massive track gauge makes the loop look fairly normal sized. It's only when I saw the crane next to it, I realised just how huge it is.
Looks like they've also renamed Dodonpa; it is now called Do-Dodonpa!

Do-Dodonpa is now testing, and has new trains.

At least the launch is still as insane as ever (supposedly faster) but I can't help but feel that this whole project is a bit of a downgrade. OTSRs instead of lap bars, and the loss of the ridiculous Heimlich manoeuvre airtime hill in favour of a vertical loop. I'm sure it's still a great ride but it's a shame I'll never get to experience the original Dodonpa. :(

I wonder how much this modification cost, and whether they would have been better off to build an entirely new ride?
On ride video here - looks just as outrageous as it was previously. I think the hill looked cooler than it rode, personally.

The ride has soft opened the last few days and it is scheduled to officially open this Saturday.

I'm looking forward to getting on this next month to see how it compares to my visit in 2014. The launch was amazing but I wasn't a massive fan of the hill

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