Hansa Park - September 2020

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    It was a perfect day for a visit. An average of 18°C and mostly cloudless weather. There weren't that many queues during the day. At most times it was a walk on. Only Karnän and Novgorod got a queue (but it was about 15 minutes each).
    I like to start the day with a kiddi coaster or a flat ride. To let my body and mind know there is something happening (hope that makes sense). I began my tour where Nessie is located and made my way anticlockwise.
    Pandemic measure: I'm impressed with their methods. They told everyone to use the hand sanitiser before you board a ride and there was always another one after you left the attraction. About 90% of the visitors wore their masks correctly.
    The mechandise is a bit blunt. Taking the name of the ride, putting a simple artwork on it, slapping it on a product and call it a day. I only bought Karnän's soundtrack CD and a magnet.
    Little observation: I saw a guy with a Smiler shirt. Nice!


    Nessie: (6x)
    I was scared of it as a kid because it has only lap bars. My young mind: "How is this save while going upside down???" Now I don't mind this. This old coaster is quite fun. The looping is good and it has a few nice airtime hills. I also like the interacting with the kiddi coaster and Highlander. The ride operators of Nessie and Royal Scotsman were often trying to time the dispatch of these two so they will meet at the loop. But man, Nessie's breaks a soooo loud and uncomfortable. The only downside of the ride. I wasn't looking forward to everytime the train enters the cave.

    Royal Scotsman: (2x)
    An average kiddi coaster. Layout is good.

    Der Schwur des Kärnan: (4x)
    They changed the queue line (because of Covid I assume), so I didn't see much of the indoor queue like the thron room. The employee picked up the required 16 riders at the top of the stairs and we got leaded to the room to store our bags.
    I know the surprise elements about this ride. And I was freaking nervous. I got the fourth row for my very first ride (the other ones were fourth row again and two times second row). My body was shaking while hanging/sitting at the vertical lift hill waiting for the drop. I couldn't understand a single word because the acoustic is awful in the tower. The drop itself wasn't as bad as I thought. I even enjoyed it. The rest of the ride was very intense. I expected a rough ride but I got lucky(?). It wasn't. It was very strange during the heart line roll just have your entire weight holding by your thighs. This one I didn't like that much. The photo section is also very weird. Just after this inversion while the train is standing still.
    I heard people talk about a ride has "to warm up". I was thinking they were just exaggerating and it's something only hardcore fans notice. But, boy, I was so wrong. They was difference between in the morning and afternoon. I felt the ride much faster in the afternoon.

    Der Fluch von Novgorod: (5x)
    I really enjoyed the outdoor section after the launch, but I wish there was more of it. I can't really explain why I like this ride in general. It's just a fun experience.

    Die Schlange von Midgard: (1x)
    The outdoor section is quite fun. It's also smoother than Scotsman. Sadly it's a very short ride. At least you ride the layout two times.

    Crazy Mine: (1x)
    I don't like these wild mouse type of rides. They are unfun and sometimes they hurt. The little drops are okay but overall they are not worth it. I only got a ride because it was walk on.

    Der kleine Zar: (1x)

    flat rides and water rides

    The rafting "Störtebekers Kaperfahrt" was fun. Would have been better with friends. I was sitting alone. Got a nice few spins on the slide.
    The log flume "Wildwasserfahrt" was okay. Nice splash at the last drop. I was still wet on a certain spot 1-2 hours later. It didn't dry off like I was hoping.
    The Troika "Wellenreiter" was better in my memory. I liked it as a kid, but now it's just okay. Although the close proximity to the wall is quite good. It could use a good paint over. It's just plain white.
    Man, I freaking love swing carousels. I rode this one three times and it was even my last ride of the day. Just relaxing, dangling with my feet and feeling the wind.
    I skipped Highlander because I'm not a huge fan of free fall towers and this one is very high ^^"

    conclusion: A very joyful day. It was worth the trip. I even walked to the beach after the park closed.

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    Nice report and photos, glad you had a good day! :)
    Posted 21st Sep 2020

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