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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Altonadvocate1, 5th Mar 2021.

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    My first new thread for ages.

    AT has such a rich and amazing history, dating back centuries. We love the history, the rides, the gardens, the towers, the atmosphere... and so we should... but who are the movers and shakers... Who are the people who put AT on the map for the right or wrong reasons?

    I'll go first.

    John Broome

    Recognised AT as an amazing site to bring an American style theme park style experience to Britain. Without him, there would be no Alton Towers... Thank you, John!

    Morwenna Angove

    Gets a lot of stick on these forums for daft publicity stunts, and marketing 13 as the ultimate thrill ride... Simon Cowells bodyguard protecting AT secrets, corkscrew steel used for 13 theming, etc. Say what you like, but she got the gate up.

    Nick Varney

    Another chap who gets a lot of stick for recent marketing and budgeting, but I thought he was great in the short term aftermath of The Smiler incident. We all defended him when he was savaged by Kay Burley. Started off lowly and worked his way up. Thinking about it you never saw Nick Varney and Henry Hound at the same time (in joke). The guy sometimes has to make unpopular decisions to make AT a commercial success and a going concern but I respect him.

    John Wardley

    The obvious one. Imagineer, enthusiast, visionary, genius.. Did more than anyone else to put AT on the map. Nemesis alone makes him great. Thank you John.

    Bradley Wynne

    Creative Lead on Wickerman, which is brilliant in so many ways. With JW retired, I wish they had kept him on and would have loved to have seen what he could do on future projects.

    Rank and File Staff.

    Criminally under appreciated. To the amazing unheralded and underpayed staff that have contributed to me having a great day, even when they were having their worst, I say thank you.

    The Ropers

    Though not their intention, their actions about AT indirectly contributed to the creative thinking that gave us some of the best rides in the world.

    Who are your heroes and Villains and why? Try to be constructive. I don't want to run anybody down.
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    Posted 5th Mar 2021
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    Hero - 1990s Nick Varney

    Villain - 2010s Nick Varney
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    Posted 10th Mar 2021
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    As @Altonadvocate1 suggested, please keep posts in here constructive. We'll let this topic run, however please remember the below:

    We generally do not allow individual staff members to be named on the forum. The exception to this is if the member of staff is currently a "public face" of the park, e.g. appears or has appeared in the media etc. Even so, comments about them should be constructive, respectful and only in relation to the resort.

    Thanks :)
    Posted 10th Mar 2021
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    Let's hope he can be a hero again in the future. He always comes across as a nice guy, and I think he has a genuine affection for Alton Towers, but I reckon balancing the conflicting needs of shareholders, customers, staff, and to a lesser extent enthusiasts, whilst keeping his Theme Parks a going concern in a cutthroat market is way harder than we think.

    Wouldn't mind his salary, but less so his workload and responsibilities. He is clearly way smarter than I am.
    Posted 10th Mar 2021
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    This thread just shows how disconnected fans perception of the theme park industry is like, which isnt anyones fault. What fans tend to know is often just the media front and assumptions.

    It's much more nuanced, there's really no simple heros and villains. I wouldnt feel comfortable passing judgement because I know enough to know I dont know enough!

    Where do I begin
    Posted 11th Mar 2021
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    If we're talking about roller coasters and heroes, I'm surprised that no one's mentioned Flamingo Land. They've got a Hero.
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    Posted 11th Mar 2021
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    ...but it is a bit of a villain.
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    Posted 11th Mar 2021

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