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    Untamed, Walibi Holland

    It seems @Sussy is still hungover from the quiz night, so it falls to me to announce the results of the votes from the 2020 TST Member Awards! We begin with the Forum Awards.


    Best Alton Towers Related Topic
    Alton Towers Oktoberfest 2020, created by @Danny

    Yes the best Alton Towers thread of the year has been snapped up by at last, a new major event at the resort! Maybe events at theme parks are actually popular? Who knew!

    Best Europa-Park Related Topic
    2020: Piraten in Batavia, created by @AstroDan
    Though it’s unsurprising that the rebuild of a huge water-based dark ride at our favourite theme park got so much attention.

    Best "Other" Theme Park Related Topic
    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: General Discussion, created by @John

    For a second year running!

    Best Non-Theme Park Related Topic
    Coronavirus, created by @Jb85
    Somewhat unsurprising that the topic in question has all year, and continues to, dominate the headlines.

    Funniest Topic
    Due to Coronavirus, we're sorry but..., created by @AstroDan
    A topic dedicated to ludicrous lacks of services, or rules, by different companies and institutions and blaming it on COVID was bound to be one of our more… POPular threads this year.

    Fail Topic
    Angry at husband for taking soft toy off my 15 year old daughter, created by @Ellaoftheball

    Best Gaming Topic
    Happy Planet Coaster Console Day, created by @Benjsh
    After the latest major theme park simulator game became available to more players with its release on games consoles.

    And now, we move onto our specific member awards.


    Best Contributor
    @Matt N
    TowersStreet’s ever-glowing beacon of optimism!

    Best Poster

    Best Newcomer
    @Pleasure Beach Valhalla

    Geekiest Member

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, he holds onto his title for yet another year!

    Funniest Member

    Most Serious Member

    Most Helpful Member

    Aka Problem Solving Bates who deserves it for his tireless efforts with running the quiz nights throughout the course of the year, as well as running the site and stuff like that but that’s by the by.

    We now progress to something new for 2020, some park awards!


    Best New Ride
    Piraten in Batavia

    Which reopened with great success just 2 years after it BURNED TO THE GROUND. Quite the feat. Meanwhile if Phantasialand had pulled their finger out and actually built F.L.Y in a reasonable amount of time, it might have stood more of a chance.

    Best Park Reopening

    Europa-Park, with not just the reopening of the park, but a new major dark ride and of course, the Magnum Pleasure Store… Expensive barnes!

    Best COVID Measures
    Alton Towers & Europa-Park

    Anyone would think we were biased. But yes, with their heavy duty social distancing markers, a heavily limited virtual queue system, and being forcibly removed from queue lines if you remove your mask, you could argue that Europa was very much COVID-secure. And apparently you all thought Towers was too, with this being the only award this time round with joint winners.

    Worst COVID Measures

    Thorpe Park
    Presumably as a result of that infamous Sunday of Fright Nights with a distinct lack of reduced capacity, although perhaps that was also down to the ostensibly permeable fencing along Monk’s Walk. Who knows.

    And finally, something else new for 2020, in lieu of our meetup awards, it's the quiz awards.


    Funniest Team Name
    Quiz All Over Your Face, @Ellie and @Josh

    Apparently the quiz team name Josh has used since circa. 2009, it's clearly served him well!

    Best Quiz
    Quiz 4: TowersStreet Quiz No. 4, Sat 27th June
    The results were at one point teetering towards that one quiz we spent the least amount of time on and just threw together, so we do thank you in the end! Clearly Carry On Up The Wentworth Garden Centre prevailed.

    Best Round
    Alton Towers History: It's Nice But It's A Bit OLD, Quizzes 1, 2 and 3, devised by @Squiggs

    The one round that we had very little input with as we handed it to resident historian-turned-newsreader Phil. Pfft.

    Most Difficult Round
    Pictograms - Skylines, Quiz 4, devised by @Sussy
    Although I’m sure if we ran the awards again some of you might say the layout geek league round.

    So there we have it, congratulations to all winners! Your shiny new signatures will be on the way to your forum PM inboxes in due course. Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote in either or both rounds of voting, and we hope you're pleased with the results. Which leaves me with nothing else to say but to wish you all a joyous 2021!
    Posted 1st Jan 2021
  2. Jb85

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    Ah thanks - I would rather not be winning an award in these circumstances but hey ho - will take what I can get :)
    Happy New Year all
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    Posted 2nd Jan 2021
  3. Pleasure Beach Valhalla

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    Thanks everyone for voting me Best Newcomer! Totally unexpected but thank you! :)
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    Posted 2nd Jan 2021
  4. Jb85

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    Can’t wait to receive my banner lol
    Posted 2nd Jan 2021
  5. pluk

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    Amused that I was even nominated for most serious member! I am a clown.
    Posted 2nd Jan 2021
  6. RoyJess

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    Watton - Norfolk
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    Oblivion? Valhalla? or Apocalypse?
    And you think that you were amused that you were even nominated for the most serious member? I think they got the nomination categories mixed up, either that or I need to work harder on my humour o_O
    Posted 2nd Jan 2021
  7. Thameslink Rail

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    The Smiler
    On the night quite a lot of people messaged me saying that I had been robbed because I was also nominated for that category!
    Posted 2nd Jan 2021

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