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Adam James said:
I've never received a copy of the magazine through the post since it started - has any other MAP holders had this issue? :/
I've never received any either and I've held a pass for four years running now. :(


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Quick question: Do you get MAP discount on themed rooms at the ATH?

I took out a Tesco credit card last month just to rinse the points for a free MAP, I should have enough by the next cut off date (4th May) and quite fancy a hotel stay!


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Wanting to ring up to buy friends and family tickets tomorrow for my trip on Tuesday.
I am planning to ring them up at 1:00 - 2:00 Would I still be able to get the tickets?


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KingNemesis said:

Wanting to ring up to buy friends and family tickets tomorrow for my trip on Tuesday.
I am planning to ring them up at 1:00 - 2:00 Would I still be able to get the tickets?

Yes, I would have thought that'd be fine.


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Spotted something interesting in one of the parks today - couple of staff members in MAP-branded polo shirts, roaming the park with an iPad, upselling passes to guests. Not sure if this has been seen before, but it's an... interesting... development.


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This has just been posted on the MAP Facebook page. I wonder what these 'changes' are?



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The date given there is the usual time they start their sale. Doesn't sound as if they're referring to that, so it's probable that it involves some kind of increase in cost with a perceived extra as compensation.


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Interesting if slightly worrying, last time they made a big change to MAP it wasn't very well handled.

Would be a laugh if they where scrapping the two level system of MAP, would solidify the Merlin U turn reputation :)


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Strange time to announce it, and what's the point? Might as well of waited until 8am, and at least had someone on hand to answer questions. What happens to someone who purchased a pass 19/12/2013? Is it old terms, or can they get it upgraded?

This might get people talking about it, but why would anyone buy one (why are they still selling them) if they are planning to make big enough changes that it needs a big announcement. People will have forgotten about it, or spent money on other presents come the 27th.

I think it would of been better to launch the new pass today, so people can buy the vouchers and print them off to put in Christmas Presents?

Merlin PR at its worst again.



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Whatever it is, you know it's going to end up costing more and giving you less.

I'm so glad I don't have a MAP any more. :D


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Lottie. said:
'...even more spells in store'

Haha. Oh Merlin. :p

That doesn't even make any sense (not you Lottie lol, the marketing).

Unless the "In store" bit refers to buying more. I wouldn't put it past them to try and sell magic spells.

"Queue magic spell" - Guaranteed to make the queue move faster* £15
Not guaranteed, MAP discount does not apply, no refunds available

Serious bit:
This concerns me, Merlin only usually do this as a way to charge you more. The pass is still just about good value don't get me wrong, but it teeters right on the brink of not being so given their gate incomes are becoming secondary to up-sell festivals.

I wonder personally, will this be an attraction separation? Small increase/same price (haha, same price...) for just parks with a higher price to include extras like Blackpool/Dungeons etc? So maybe parks only, Parks & Parking, Parks & Parking & other attractions like Castle/Tower etc

Or maybe as someone else mentioned, phasing out cards entirely in favour of "membership" which again, is just another clever way to charge you more - more akin to a mobile phone contract (initial term, then rolling).

This by the way would put me off. I like to save up for a pass, pay for it, then forget about it and just enjoy it, if I think I am paying for it every month I will be FAR less likely to buy it. In fact, I seriously doubt I would. It changes the buying psychology completely. Some would prefer it others not. It is also likely to be the end of the yearly sale if this is the case, even if they continue to offer both options.

Many suppositions there of course, but they are my general thoughts.


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the balanced point of view

- Overall the MAP is the best annual pass out there (genuinely i don't know a pass that offers as much for the cost).

- Overall Merlin as a company doesn't really seem to care about its customers.

Place your bets now please......


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My money is on them scrapping the "standard" pass, upping the price of the premium, adding more date restrictions and removing the MAP discount on food / drink / merch.


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Could be changing perks with regard to the Merlin Membership that was introduced this year? So the full price pass may have the price upped etc.


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Hmm I can't help but feel slightly worried about this. Changes to the pass in the past have never gone down that well and as previously said they tend to be poorly handled. Complete guess but it could be to do with a complete shift to Merlin Membership? It does seem overly sustainable or logical to run two similar schemes alongside each other in the long run.

I think I'm just glad that I renewed my pass at the end of the season before whatever they change comes in!



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Dave said:
Overall the MAP is the best annual pass out there (genuinely i don't know a pass that offers as much for the cost).

For UK parks I would agree, however, the Bobbejaanland Pass is remarkable. Yes you have to travel all over Europe for the attractions, but this is what you get

Free Entry
Parque De Attracciones (Spain)
Parque Warner (Spain)
Mirabilandia (Italy)
BonBon Land (Denmark)
Tusenfryd (Norway)
Bo Sommarland (Norway)
Movie Park (Germany)
Slagharen (Netherlands)
(Plus lots of Zoos and aquariums, including SeaLife funnily enough)

Holiday Park - 50% off (Germany)
Other Plopsa Parks - 50% off
Toverland - 30% off (Netherlands)
Dippie Doe - 50% off (Netherlands)
Efteling 4 Euro off (Netherlands)
Hellendorn - 50% off (Netherlands)
(and other non theme park related discounts)

So how much is it? Well its 59 Euros for 2014 (£49 - The same price of a day ticket to a Merlin attraction)

Its currently on sale for 55 Euros (£45.84)

Outstanding value and well worth if if anyone is thinking of visiting 2 or 3 of these parks. I have had a pass for a couple of years now. ;)