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Had booked to go to chessington today, we changed our mind last minute and want to go tomorrow instead. Been trying to change the date of my booking for today which you’d think would be straight forward, but the hub won’t let me even click on the booking. Keeps saying it’s ‘invalid’ for reasons I’m not entirely sure about.

They really need to improve this garbage booking system if they’re going to start penalising people for not showing up. Changing an annual pass booking from one day to another, even on the morning of the original booking, shouldn’t be a difficult task.


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Not being able to change it on the day of the booking makes sense to me as it’s very unlikely someone else is going to book on the day, therefore by not changing/cancelling in advance it may deprive someone else of the time slot.
This is of course less of an issue at the theme parks as they rarely hit capacity, but at some of the midways it could be an issue, it may show as fully booked all week then people cancelling or changing on the day is just as bad as a no-show because other guests will have already decided to go elsewhere as they couldn’t get a booking.


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Even Pleasure Beach has sorted its similarly frustrating booking system for season passes. It’s now very easy to book your visit via their app - literally just select your date and press the button, no details required as they’re already stored in the app.

It would appear Merlin just don’t want to invest any money into developing what should be a simple process to book for the many thousands of pass holders they take money from.

Poor form.
The system won’t even let me access my booking for towers to change the date on the day. You can make bookings less than 24hours in advance, but you can’t modify them less than 24hours in advance, ok merlin. Meant to be going today but something has come up last minute so we can’t go. Filled in the online form lest I get a black mark on my pass for not turning up. Absolute dog poop of a system, like it’s designed to be as clunky and annoying to use as possible.
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That's strange. I was able to amend a pre-book a couple of weeks ago (AT Gold Annual Pass). But yes, the system is way too clunky. If I remember how I did it I'll let you know :)
Thanks! I just wanted to change it to next week, I tried clicking on the ‘manage my booking’ link in the email you get when you pre book but no luck, I just get a message talking about no tickets being available, it won’t even log me in. I had a look around the website and it does state somewhere that you can’t modify your booking if it’s less than 24 hours before you go. Why I don’t know, because you can certainly make bookings less than 24 hours in advance and even on the day. Such an odd system. I’ve done the cancellation form now but I had to Google it to find it and then it wouldn’t format properly on my phone which made the experience so streamlined and smooth🙃


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They just need to make a app !
Not sure that would help as it wouldn’t add any more functionality compared to a website.

It’s the rule of no modification within 24 hours that is the problem here, not the function of being able to do it.

We’ve had the discussion on the forum before and it does make sense for the midway attractions not to allow changes 24 hours before. If the attraction is sold out then guests paying full price won’t be able to go, if then annual passholders cancel or move their booking at the last minute another guest won’t take that slot as they’ve already made other plans so the attraction may be left quiet. Apparently Bear Grylls experience has had the most issues with passholders not turning up as capacity there is more limited.

Booking at the last minute is different as you are committing to attending, not cancelling.

Of course at the theme parks for most of the season capacity isn’t a major issue except for some fright night days and fireworks.


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Just stop pre booking. It's truly pointless.

I think it is for the majority of the season at the theme parks, but some of the midways need it as well as the main busy days at the theme parks such as fireworks and fright nights.
The problem is the system is trying to be one thing to fit all attractions.

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Just stop pre booking. It's truly pointless.
I wouldn't recommend not pre booking because then it's not guaranteed you will get in, you will more than likely get in yes, I've only been checked twice.

But one time at Warwick castle, we had all of our prebooks checked for our annual passes and 2 of my friends couldn't find their prebooks and they got held up for a good 10 minutes trying to find the damn things in their emails as the lady said, no prebooks no entry.

That was on a very quiet day too, next day we popped around Warwick castle again as the top of the castle was closed the day before, different lady on the gate and she had absolutely no interest in our prebooks.

I think penalizing people for not being able to amend their dates on their stupid half assed system is stupid, just pay some developer a bit of cash and get a centralized and logical system already.