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Possible Mini Meet: Farmaggedon


TS Contributor
I just wondered if anybody would be interested in a group trip to Farmaggedon?

For those who don't know, Farmaggedon is a Halloween event at an activity farm in Lancashire, between Ormskirk and Formby. It's quite famous in the area for being a really scary Halloween event! It's basically a series of scare mazes set up in farm buildings. I've never been personally but my hubby and his friends have been and they say it's really good.

It runs on various dates between 4th October and 2nd November and tickets range from £16 - £18. Liverpool is nearby so there is the option to book accommodation there and combine it with a night out I guess!

Just wanted to put it out there and see if there's any interest.

Edit: here's a link to the website: http://www.farmaggedon.co.uk/farm_wp/
I would like to be a maybe at this monument with going to Europa and having to get a new annual pass in October money might be a little low