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Post Your Desktop


TS Member
So, seeing as this was on 'that' old place, I thought it should be moved over to here.

Sorry About image size, I am running on two monitors!


Eugh, got to clean up my shortcuts, I don't use any of them! I just use my desktop top as a work place to temporarily drag files... hence the clutter! When I get round to it, It'll be cleaned up! :p

Not my PC! But that doesn't stop the background image being changed, however. ;)
My current desktop, it's alright... custom made wallpaper. Cluttered as hell but meh, I hardly look at it.


Boring rainbow Apple here :p (Also, far too many folders on the right *starts cleaning*)
^ Brilliant! :p Only way I'd improve it is by having a heart inbetween the two... :p