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From TS News:

TowersStreet said:
Over this closed season, much interest has been focussed on Alton Towers’s exciting developments in the construction of CBeebies Land, and in the ongoing maintenance work on The Smiler. However, this is not the only significant event in X Sector for the 2014 season, as TowersStreet can now reveal that Submission – a ride which has divided the opinions of enthusiast communities since opening – is being removed from the theme park for 2014.

Alton Towers have stated that this is due to their long-term plans for the Resort, though as far as TowersStreet are aware no replacement is currently planned for its site.

This certainly raises the possibility of 2015 being a year of replacement thrill flats. Particularly as the LTDP states that Ripsaw/the Blade are due for retirement around then too. Can't say I'm too distraught about this though, it will definitely change the look of X-Sector again though!


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Does anyone know why the second arm of Submission never worked, or was it just lack of ridership that forced it to operate with one arm?


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It won't be a massive loss, but I'm more bothered about the fact the plot it sits on will no doubt be left looking a mess with nothing on it for another 10 years.

That is until they realise it's a great space for yet another games stall.


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james.e.hyde said:
Does anyone know why the second arm of Submission never worked, or was it just lack of ridership that forced it to operate with one arm?

Think they cannibalised it for spares.

There were rumours of getting the second arm moving again, did that not happen at some point last season?

Anyway, posted in the other thread (can you merge my post with this?) that it is madness to remove a ride in X-Sector before a replacement unless it absolutely had to be done.

Seems crazy to me - unless they are going to use the space for the second half of The Smilers cattlepen queue? ;D

NEW ATTRACTION FOR 2014: Dare you brave...


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Didn't see this and posted in the general topic. Oops! Copy and paste job...

Bye Submission *forced tear*

While I'm sure we all couldn't care less it will be gone. If Alton do not add a replacement (which seems to be the case) it is rather disappointing. Obviously with The Smiler X-Sector does not feel as empty as it once did although having an empty space where Submission once stood will look pretty ugly.

Merlin need to do the impossible and buy a thrill flat to put in its place. Maybe in 2015 that could work as a new side attraction along with the rumoured kids roller coaster in CBeebies Land.

Since they never put a flat in Dark Forest though I wouldn't hold my breath.


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And nothing of value was lost...

Dunno what could replace it, but more than likely we'll see something new in 2015 rather than this year...


I wonder if anybody will notice its gone at all? This can only be a good thing for Alton, it will help stop customer complains, and help clear space in the First Aid Centre.


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Good riddance to old rubbish. The park should never have brought it in the first place. Although saying that, I did like the short adverts.


^ I remember that advert, took me ages to be able to read the upside down tagline 'Hang in there' at the bottom.
I remember the ride's launch quite clearly. It was the first ride at Alton with pre-designed (free) Fastrak capability, and on busy days, one arm would accommodate the 'standby' queue and the other, the Fastrak lot.

It was a dated model even at the time, however, and despite the admittedly great advert, I thought it was a terrible addition. Another issue was the ride sharing a domain name with a world-leading hardcore pornography site at the time, which was the marketing department had completely overlooked.


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Not too bothered to see it go but it does mean that we now have one less 'thrill' flat ride.

I reckon that they'll try and get a replacement for 2015 alongside a new ride/coaster for CBeebies Land. It would be a medium investment year if we went off the three year cycle so they should have the budget to do this.


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Not too bothered about Submission going. However I am bothered about it being one less ride at the park and no doubt just an empty space for a period of time. I'm sure they will just leave the 'pits' where Submission currently is, and that will look rather ugly. It's a shame as Submission did look great in X-Sector, even though it was an awful ride.



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Don't worry there's over 50 rides and attractions to enjoy.

But something has probably broke majorly


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Wow, shock news! Actually didn't expect to see this happen this year. Enterprise's days must be numbered as well, I imagine.

Alastair said:
TowersStreet can now reveal that Submission – a ride which has divided the opinions of enthusiast communities since opening – is being removed from the theme park for 2014.

Submission doesn't 'divide opinion', everybody hates it. :p


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The following actions should now be taken to offset the loss of the ride:

- Enterprise should run on 2 staff (like Zodiac at Thorpe Park) to increase capacity per hour

- Nemesis: Sub Terra should have the height restriction lowered to 1.2m, but retain the PG guidance

- A replacement ride should be added to X Sector by 2016

As much as the ride was diabolical, this means the park have removed 2 looping rides for those under 1.4m since 2008. Thus leaving only Enterprise.


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Never been on the ride, never will by the looks if it. Should this have been done last year. Really pointless ride just a space filler. It was just something I looked at when queuing for oblivion and thought that looks too uncomfortable, and let's face it, it will always be something to get the punters on in between secret weapons.

For me this is a massive chance for the park to do something outside of the box. Ideas are lacking here but I'm sure after much "blue sky thinking" and "running ip the flagpole" they will just bring in swinging arm thing. But fingers crossed they will inspire is
Can't say I will miss it but then again years ago it was good to look at in the dark with the lights on the side of the shells as it went round. Hopefully something next year or 2016 to replace it. Maybe do a double flat installation - one in X-Sector and one in Dark Forest, one can hope...