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Just realised my Galactica preview ticket is on the 20th, opening weekend, Im already on park. :)
I had it in my head it was the following week, so yeah ! whoooop!
Altho now I don't really have a valid reason for visiting the following week now when it opens officially o_O


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So, small thing, but I found out how to change the tail number of my plane in FSX. Air Traffic Control now have to address me as Beech November Charlie Charlie One Seven Zero One.


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I have my German coursework due in on Monday, and through writing it out countless times, it has occurred to me that essentially I can produce and completely memorise 7 accurate, high-level, long paragraph's worth of a foreign language on one solitary subject... and I've done 4 others on other topics previously.

Never thought I'd do this well when I first started learning 4 years ago. :)


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Happy knowing that next Saturday will be my first day on park of the season. It makes for what was another rubish Saturday at work worthwhile. I won't let the silly girl who calls in "ill" every weekend get me down.


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Some things are actually working out for me and things are starting to look up again. For the first time in a good 6 months, I'm starting to feel happy again :)


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So I've had to ring the emergency services for the first time today after a road traffic collision outside my work on a cross roads that is notorious, adrenaline kicked in as soon as I heard the bang, gave the controller all the information I could, then went to check on those injured, treated two people for shock including getting them a cuppa, the other injured party is just being air ambulanced off to hospital as we speak due to potential neck/spinal injures. Hopefully the recovery of the vehicles can start now and the road can reopen shortly. So obviously I'm not happy for those involved but I'm happy in the way I dealt with the situation.