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I spent a fabulous weekend at my girlfriends house after not seeing her for 3 months. And we made brownies which made it better :D


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Wales outdoing the 1958 team in a major tournament and watching it with my Taid (grandfather). He has always told me stories of how good that team was and stories of the constant heartbreak through the years afterwards.

It would be like England fans watching their team win the next world cup with their grandparents who were alive during 1966.

So proud of my little "rugby" nation tonight :D


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A few months ago, I took a massive step back from my friends and hobbies to focus solely on myself.

I've tried my best for years to keep everything together, but it had completely fallen apart as of late and it gave me immense determination to get out of the rut I'm in.
I hate myself. I hate my habits. My introversion. Everything.

But I've finally finished college. After 2 years out of school during my GCSE's and getting suspended, I'm walking away from Level 3 Engineering with a DMM/DDM.
Not only that, but I've started the exciting path of becoming an aircraft technician and avionics engineer!

I'll be back in a few weeks to say everything fell ta shit again, but let me enjoy this whilst it lasts.


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I got to work on this:


I'm not really a Red Hot Chilli Peppers fan as such, but being trusted and able to do this has given me a massive boost


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My graduation ceremony was today! I succesfully graduated, something that I thought was pretty much impossible at one point, never thought I'd actually be a graduate!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


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Its my Birthday today and I got "Creating my own Nemesis" :D
It's a great book, but when you receive "creating my own nemesis", "tales from the towers", and "smoke and mirrors: the haunted house of alton towers" for christmas as I did, you realise that 1)you must be really hard to buy gifts for, and 2)that you are officially an alton towers geek :D


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Slowing starting to fell good about everything again. In little pieces it's all coming back together.

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Just started my new job at SEA LIFE Manchester today on front of house! Loving the atmosphere and attitude of employees. It seems Merlin realise is a great company to work for!

Did a few sales and batching the queues, something that is actually harder than it looks! Like trying to decipher whether a bunch of people are together or two different groups. Thats if they don't barge through anyway!



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I drove the works kit car this morning, it like a road legal go kart. Really really good fun to drive from one campus to another.

Here is a promo photo of it.

Disclaimer, i am not in the photo (photo copyright nsc).

update, Just been told i am driving it back to its home campus Monday.
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My first session of Pathfinder as DM went pretty well. Blummin' shattered though. Had to juggle 11 scripted NPCs plus probably twice that many improvised ones, most of whom were in a very emotional state. Think I've used just about every accent and voice I know already.
Throw in a non-linear murder mystery plot and players who, of course, do unexpected things or just don't ask the right questions, and I'm about ready to pass out.

But it went well. I think.
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Sorry Diogo, could I have a translation here...
What is Pathfinder? Not a satnav I guess, or an
DM? (Not Doc Martens)
NCP's? (National Car Parks)
Complete lack of understanding, but I'm pleased it makes you happy, whatever it is!

My "Happy", I've built my first tape measure or spirit level, all the wood scrounged off kind customers, and it worked out fine and looks good.
Just needs a door and a little window, and I might just move in.