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    Went to towers yesterday with my brother.
    We turned up early, and headed to the archway towards Dark forest, we realised it was only 9:45am so we went for a wander through the gardens and ended up in forbidden valley at about 10am.

    We walked down to Air which was walk on, and so began the day of many inversions. Air was fun, it was a lot better than I was expecting and the ride experience was great from beginning to almost the end. The only bit that wasn't great was the waiting to go into the station.

    Next, it was time to go on Nemesis, we walked down into the station and timed it so we walked straight onto the train, sat about 3 rows from the front the ride was brilliant, it left me speechless after riding it, I was gobsmacked at how good it was.

    I felt like a sit down, so we walked onto Blade for a quick go.

    After this, we headed through to the Archway to Dark Forest only to be informed it wasn't opening until 11am. So we headed for X-Sector, to see how long the queue for Smiler was, it was 30 minutes at this point, and so we decided to come back later, and went to Oblivion which again was walk-on.

    After a ride on Oblivion, we went for a quick spin on Sonic Spinball and by the time we had done this, it had gone 11am and so we headed for the Dark Forest via Hex. At this point Rita had a big queue and so we missed it out and went on thirteen. This meant that by about 11:30am we had done 4 out of the Big 6.

    We decided to have lunch at woodcutters. We then headed over to Katanga Canyon for the Rapids and Mine Train. We had to wait for a couple of minutes for the rapids because of people going around twice. But we got on and went around twice before we went for a ride on the Runaway Mine Train. Next up was the flume, which was full of evil and horrid ducks.

    After this, We wandered through the Haunted Hollow to Duel, went for a ride on Duel before heading back into the Valley, here we did another ride on Air. During the Air Tunnel we had a discussion about themeing and decided that It's full of Air because the ride is named Air. Once we cleared Air we went for another ride on Nemesis, this time we were on the row in front of the back row which meant it was even better than the first time!

    After this we had just Smiler and Rita to do for the Big 6 and not wanting to end with Rita, headed across on the Skyride, where we then joined the 35-40 minute queue for a ride neither of us particularly wanted to do. We soon realised the reason for the queue time was it being on one train, an announcement was made halfway through our queue telling people to go elsewhere, but the problem was that the majority of people had done the big rides apart from Rita!

    Rita left me with a headache, so we headed to Smiler to finish the big 6, Upon arrival, we found the queue to be 5 minutes, the only queue we encountered was to put things in the baggage hold, once past this, we went up the stairs and got straight on to the ride. After this, we had another go on Oblivion and then went for another ride on Smiler.

    We then went for another ride on Thirteen, before getting the Skyride back to Forbidden Valley and then we had another go on Air, Then moved to finish the day on Nemesis, once on the back row and then twice in the middle and we were done.
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