Towers Loving Care


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Its good to see them investing an old ride instead of just closing it for TLC for a year, or three! However, its a bit too bright and fun in its current state, looks like it could do with a few artistic touches! Hopefully it'll have the old 'blades' attached to make it a bit more sinister. ;)


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Yep, absolutely agree with that @AltonBuzz.

Honestly, I think it’s a real shame that over the years so much detail has been lost, such as the painted details on the main supports which are now just plain black.



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It was stuff like that that made Forbidden Valley feel a bit more. Take that rustic look away, now with Ripsaw gone and Nemesis painted in bright white with glossy black supports, and it starts to feel like an overgrown path with a disused metal shed and HB Leisure game stalls as its biggest features

Hoping they will put the scenic job back, but they won't. Probably had to fight for the money to just keep the ride open, let alone paint it.

"Nick Varney can we have some paint because, you know, we're a theme park"
"**** off"
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Didn't AT promise some Towers Loving Care updates in the run up to the park opening this season? Should we be worried concerning the lack of any significant improvements across the park?


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If that's the first warning sign to you, I'd be worried. They very rarely do any improvements beside a new ride.