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Discussion in 'Box Office' started by Matt N, 31st Jan 2021.

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    I've just finished It's a Sin too - even more behind, but I'd done a series record on my HDR and forgotten it was there! Wonderful drama, but utterly heartbreaking, I had to stop watching it in my lunch breaks because I'd have red eyes in afternoon meetings! It's a story that needed to be told, pretty disgraceful that the BBC thought it too controversial to pick up and C4 eventually cut it down from 8 to 5 episodes. Definitely recommend it to anyone who's not seen it yet, I think it's on All 4 still. There's a good Easter Egg for Doctor Who fans as well! It's not an easy watch mind, I've a couple of friends who couldn't get to the end, but it's the story of a lost generation and I for one am glad I stuck with it.
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    Posted 3rd Aug 2021
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    Recently been watching the BBC sitcom Ghosts. Written and starring the people behind Horrible Histories.

    The main story is a couple inherit a Stately home and after an accident one of them (Alisson) can now see and speak with the ghosts that inhabit the house and grounds spanning from a caveman to a MP that died in the house in the 90s.

    It's really good and very funny, especially as you get to know the characters.

    Season 3 has recently gone onto the iplayer so there's plenty of episodes to enjoy, including a Christmas special.
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    Ghosts is really funny. I really like the mythologies behind each character as well as the Simpsonsesque quality of it being a good show for adults and children, while not pandering to either.
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    When 'Blackpool' a BBC musical/drama from 2004 came onto BritBox (great value for the amount of content), I thought it was worth a rewatch, having not seen it since it first aired. I say musical, because at various points throughout, the cast break into song, one or two big musical numbers per episode.

    It tells the tale of an amusement arcade owner called Ripley Holden (David Morrisey) who has grand plans for his establishment, wishing to turn it into a mega casino, as was the plan for the resort around that time.

    A young guy is found dead in the arcade which causes a bit of a to-do, then there's an affair, some controversy, some violence and the sale of soft drugs. Quite Blackpool, you might suggest.

    In terms of locations, the arcade is Lucky Star (now the Velvet Coaster), the exterior is used but the interior is a set. The old Tower aquarium is seen - an absolute travesty that was lost in favour of retainingSealife. In terms of BPB, there is a scene in the Beach Cafe (now Ticket Sales) and a stroll across the Tom Sawyer, but the rides aren't really seen, bar the Big One in exterior shots of the arcade.

    If you wanted to be unkind, you could say it's camp musical madness with Toyah Battersby and Dr. Who, but I actually enjoyed it for what it was, it's also as a window back into Blackpool around the turn of the millennium, I have some great memories of those days. The last of the pre-smartphone, WGT, slightly crass era where Blackpool didn't really know what it wanted to be.

    If you do watch it, in the wedding scene, it is suggested that the venue is North Pier theatre, it's not. It could be a set, or perhaps a pre-refurb Winter Gardens room. Would like to know, if anyone knows !
    Posted 2nd Oct 2021

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