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Welcome to Talbot Street, our little haven away from the hustle and bustle of the present day. Come on in and take a trip to days gone by; this is the place to talk about your favourite attractions which used to operate at the park, reminisce about an event you might have been to back in the day or just enjoy the history of the beautiful ruins and gardens of Alton Towers.

Alton Towers is a theme park with a proud history of using street scenes to create an immersive atmosphere for its guests, the most notable being the park's entrance on Towers Street. However Talbot Street was not only the first street to arrive in the park, but also the park's very first themed area, bringing a slice of Victoriana to the park in 1981.

When it was first opened, the name was actually a misnomer, as the area was more a series of plazas connecting the wave of new attractions which were built as part of the development. It was not until 1987 with the addition of the building which housed the Motor Museum that the area took on the distinctive street look, which can still be seen today in The World of David Walliams. Indeed the street theme is so prevalent that after a few years of being The Land of Make Believe, it became Cred Street in 1997, before more recently becoming Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Talbot Street is a fitting name for a forum celebrating the history of Alton Towers, as it was home to many of the attractions that have defined the character of the park during the 80s. Whether that be the classic dark rides Around the World and Doom and Sons; a range of museums and exhibitions, like the Dolls House and Space 1999; right through to coaster corner with the Alton Beast and Mouse. And indeed the area has always reflected the character of park as a whole, as the home of the Fairground during the 1970s, the home of Barney and the Tweenies in the noughties and telling the tale of Ben and his Gangsta Granny.

So once you’ve enjoyed the Fantastic Fountains in the Alton Theatre, grab a cup of tea from the Talbot Tea Shoppe and join in the conversation of yesteryear, whether you’re here for the Go!Go!Go! Show, the mighty Corkscrew or beyond!
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This topic has been locked. No further replies can be posted.