Plans and Concepts

Rides and Attractions

Nickelodeon Outta Control

The development of Nickelodeon Outta Control involved the re-imagining of one side of Cred Street, which saw a a new take on the style of the Talbot Tea Shoppe and Dolls Museum the attraction replaced.


Rollercoaster Restaurant

The park introduced the first rollercoaster restaurant to the UK in 2016. Take a look at the ambitious plans to add a new spin to the former Air shop.


Spinball Whizzer

2004 saw Adventure Land transformed with the arrival of Spinball Whizzer, the park’s spinning coaster. The heavily conceptual coaster saw a lot of design work created for it before the ride’s budget was eventually shrunk, seeing a much less intensive theme applied.


Tree Top Quest

Based around the site of the abandoned Nicklin’s Farm near the hotels, the Tree Top Quest allows guests to take to the trees on a high rope adventure. Here we can see the plans for the site and structures.


X Sector

Secret Weapon 4 was one of the parks most ambitious projects to date: to recreate Fantasy World as the enigmatic X Sector. As well as creating concepts for Oblivion and the rides being relocated into the area, the park drew up concept boards for all aspects of the area, from the shops and theming right down to the area’s uniforms.



Customer Research

As part of the park’s customer research into new attractions the park often creates mood boards to represent different rides or themes they are thinking of bringing to the park, whilst most of these ‘moods’ never make it into reality they still play an important part in shaping the park we know to day and give an insight into the thinking that goes into the development of the Towers.

Dark Forest

2008 saw the park faced with two coaster sites in need of redeveloping. A wide range of rides and many themes were put on the table before eventually SW6 became Thirteen in Dark Forest.


Long Term Development Plan (2012)

Every few years the park produce a LTDP to summarise the direction they will be taking so the local council has an oversight of the business’ core strategy. Whilst not all the plans come to fruition it is an interesting insight into the park’s potential development.


Abandoned Concepts

Unfortunately not all plans make it off the page and into reality. For one reason or another some plans get left by the way side, whether because of opposition, funding issues, or the park simply decides to develop in another direction instead. Below we take a look at some of the attractions that just did not make it.

Area 51 – Encounter a New Species of Terror

With a secretive organisation studying a mysterious creature, a perilous drop and personnel in gas masks, you could be forgiven for mistaking this concept board for that of Sub-Terra.

But this is Area 51, which would have seen a similar ride appear in the Black Hole tent in X Sector.


Lodge Development (original proposal)

The original plans for a new lodge development at Alton Towers was proposed to open in 2014 in the park’s most Northern Car Parks, and would have seen three types of dwellings, Lodges, Huts and Holes.

The proposals have since been resubmitted, though in an area near the current hotels, and without the Huts and Holes.