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Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Icon - 2018 Mack Double Launch Coaster


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This is just about worthy of its own topic as it sounds like it could be something relatively major. This has been posted over on CoasterForce:
Temleh on CF said:
To keep this short and sweet, a jeep covered by a tarp has appeared at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. None of the vehicle is visible (due to the tarp) except the rear wheel cover, on which it says "Project 2017 - Blackpool Pleasure Beach".

Now there is no way you start teasing for a 2017 attraction this early unless it is something major. And by major I mean a coaster. Blackpool have not had a brand new coaster since 1994, that's over 20 years! A heck of a long time for a park that is by no means small.

The biggest issue at the park is space but please let this be something worth looking forward to - the park must know that such an addition is long overdue. Mack please, failing that RMC offer good prices.

Definitely a development to keep an eye on. Of course, it's early days yet as to what this project may be, but I'm looking forward to it. Plus, if SW8 opens in 2017, it could be a pretty competitive year for both BPB and Towers!
RMC have hinted at possible work in the UK, they are also fully booked in 2017. So it is most certainly possible!

Of course not! We should probably be expecting a small footprint Premier Sky Scream clone or S&S El Loco!

Agreed. 'Nash and Big Dipper may not the smoothest or best coasters in the world, but I would hate it if RMC went anywhere near them.
An epic RMC joining Nash and Big Dipper together? It would be for the greater good of our backs! :p
Wait wait wait... both sides of 'Nash and Dipper, plus track to connect them both as one single ride??? Surely that would end up as one of the longest tracks ever? :D Hell, let's work Streak and Flyer in to it for good measure. :p
Some more info drawn from Pleasure Beach Experience. No clue on how reliable this is, but this was posted well before the CF reports:

the ride has already been ordered,
a launched metal coaster,
similar to Stealth at Thorpe,
probably from the monorail station site,
south through the PMBO lift hill,
with the big hill over the Steeplechase site.

The Go carts will have to go,
and the PMBO will have to be closed temporarily during some of the construction

As I say, take it with a pinch of salt. But the fact is, the ride would have to have been ordered by now if it was for 2017, so at least that part is true!
Yeah right, whatever.


Bigger One tbh.
Indeed, she loves Europa Park and the Macks! A Mack launch would be fantastic, even if it was not the most impressive of layouts. The park just urgently needs a new coaster.

Hey look, a flying pig just went past! :p

In all seriousness, if this is a new coaster, then it's very good news for Pleasure Beach. I'd be happy if were just something good, doesn't have to be unique. With SW8 potentially opening in 2017, now all we need is Drayton to announce a major coaster for 2017, and it'll feel like 1994 all over again!
If Pleasure Beach got a mack launched coaster it would be the best thing they've done for a long time, at least Valhalla.

The rumours sounds pretty feasible from the rumours so far and the loss of the go karts wouldn't be significant, however I do hope it's more than just a Stealth like coaster (unless there's more track) as this could be a ride that would really put them back on the map to visit.
Can't really imagine what a RMC Dipper conversion would be like, can maybe see Nash as one but not Dipper. Hopefully though it's not a conversion. Love RMC but don't want them touching any of Blackpool's. I'd much rather see a launch coaster, even if it is just a Stealth clone or something.