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Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Icon - 2018 Mack Double Launch Coaster

I saw those, couldn't really make sense of what it offers though as was told conflicting things from different staff members.

Oh dear. You think they'd all know what it is they are selling. I was just told it guarantees you get on the ride on opening day. But that would imply that if you don't buy one, you won't get on it, or maybe you will but after queuing for 3 hours! It's basically a glorified speedy pass then?
I queued for 4 hours for the Big One on day two...all the way out of the south entrance and on to the prom, and I had a prebooked ticket.
...And I don't think it is a queuejump ticket...just your six pound entry and a ten pound ride ticket I imagine.
I'd make a guess at them being for the official opening day (not any soft opening) so they'll probably be able to announce that with more certainty.

Hopefully be able to attend on opening day, see the official opening get on Icon once and then spend the rest of the day going on all the other rides whilst everyone queues for Icon.
They did just the same with the big one.
They do it to make money!
Cash flow to pay off loans and the retained staff through the winter.
Oh...And they might just owe Mack a couple of quid as well!
With the big one, I remember quite a few were sold as Christmas and birthday presents.
Anyone know if the passes will be sold online as well (won't be able to get to the park to buy one :()? Hoping they'll announce the opening date before Christmas, so I can ask for a pass for Christmas. No point asking for one if i can't make the date!
I wonder what payment terms Mack accept. They may well have over a year before BPB actually give them any cash.
LOL I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they read that 'what are your payment terms with Mac?' email.
I know that's not what you mean, just thought it funny that someone skimming the thread might think you actually emailed the park asking about their payment terms, and that I'm serious, if they didn't read the thread properly...