Incident on The Smiler 02/06/2015

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Ryan B

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Yeah, get a few hundred of us, we'll be good to go... Whether it opens however, same problem as opening for the 1st time ;)


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So I'm assuming it hasn't opened today, if it had I think my Facebook might have gone in to overdrive!

I do think it will open very soon, as there is no reason for towers to be doing so much work on it now to not open it until next season.
I've been checking the Ride Times on the app on and off on the off chance it was running but it's showing as closed and has been all day.
When does Scarefest start? My gut feel is if they do reopen it'll be before Scarefest because I think the press could twist the whole "what's scarier than a terrible accident on a rollercoaster" angle!
I'm really hoping if I do make it back down for the Big 6 Challenge day that it's reopened for then.


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I do not believe it will open to the public this season.

I suspect that the testing in public view is part of a strategy to be seen as conducting extensive tests prior to reopening.
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Good to see them running two trains at once.



Image thanks to Paul Jones via Fbook


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Are you being serious...?

The tracks not black anyway.

Good to see it duelling again :)
I did think we wouldn't see this happening until next season at the earliest but it's likely try are testing the blocking system to make sure all the systems work as they should. Praying for an early next week opening!


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It's fantastic to see videos on Facebook today of the rides testing with trains duelling, I'm not sure why but I wasn't expecting to see trains duelling anytime soon!
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