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SeaWorld Orlando: General Discussion

Big SeaWorld news regarding the Ocras, they are to stop breeding them meaning that this generation of Ocras will be the last:
SeaWorld said:
Breaking News: The Last Generation of Orcas at SeaWorld

You may have seen the big news that the whales currently in our care will be the last generation of orcas at SeaWorld. It’s a key piece of our big announcement that signals a new direction for the company.

The orcas will continue to live at SeaWorld for many years to come, inspiring guests in new and natural ways. They will continue to receive the highest-quality care based on the latest advances in marine veterinary medicine, science and zoological best practices.

Why the big news? SeaWorld has been listening and we’re changing. Society is changing and we’re changing with it. SeaWorld is finding new ways to continue to deliver on our purpose to inspire all our guest to take action to protect wild animals and wild places.

This announcement reaffirms our commitment to not collect marine mammals from the wild. After all, we haven’t collected an orca from the wild in almost 40 years, and the orcas at SeaWorld were either born there or have spent almost their entire lives in human care.

These majestic orcas will not be released into the ocean, nor confined to sea cages. They could not survive in oceans to compete for food, be exposed to unfamiliar diseases or to have to deal with environmental concerns – including pollution and other man-made threats.

Instead, they will live long and healthy lives under love and care of our dedicated veterinary and other trained specialists where they can inspire this and future generations to be conservationists around the world through natural presentations that are fun, exiting and will educate guests about the plight of orcas in the wild.

Theatical Ocra shows are ending as well, more about what will replace them can be found here.

Of course this will not be enough for some people but for those that are against what SeaWorld do it has to be seen as a step in the right direction.

SeaWorld have confirmed that Mako will open on June 10th. I'd imagine soft openings from late May are on the cards.

Bear in mind that none of the trims are on, nor is the mid-course, so it'll be slower than it looks. Which seems an odd thing to be saying after a first test run :p
For early test runs that is carrying some great speed, especially the little hump before the MCBR! I think this is going to be a really fun coaster and just what Orlando needs.

And here's the first POV :)

Video isn't embedding on here oddly, will try and get it working for non Faffbookers soon.
I hope they decide that looks awesome (which it does) and leave the trims and MCBR off for normal operation! :p

I'm glad this coaster seems to be living up to the expectations I initially had.

Hot damn that looks good, I literally wasn't expecting anything as good as this. The original renderings didn't show the layout well at all, that first overbank is incredibly sexy!

Now just got to hope somewhere clones it, so I don't have to sell my soul to Sea World!

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It looks as exciting as any B&M coaster at Seaworld... Looks like a lot of airtime will be lost on all the banked turns thrown in, which is a shame

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It looks pretty good - certainly better than some of the poor B&M hypers - this has a few low hills.

Absolutely flies through the second half, it's a shame it doesn't do more after the mcbr, hope they leave it running like that, because it looks a lot better than I expected after seeing the layout. Bit weird how it sort of flattens out at the bottom of the drop but apart from that it actually looks really good. Not to mention aesthetically it's stunning.

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New video detailing some of the special station effects, sounds great!

There's also a look at the queue line here:

...and the attraction area here:

After the awesomeness of Mako it has been confirmed that SeaWorld are equipping Kraken with VR for 2017. Yay, said nobody ever. It is thought however that the VR might be integrated into the trains (a la Galactica) to speed up operations, although even if they do that it's going to be painstakingly slow I would imagine simply becaue operations are poor as it is!

Fantastic news. Because we all love Galactica and the queues are always long to ride such a fantastic VR experience.

Who thought this was a good idea!?
Although based on how many people are visiting Sea World at the moment I can't see queues being a problem.

Mako is ace! I was expecting it to be about on par with Silver Star but something about it took it to the next level, still not sure what. Of course I can't compare to any other B&M hypers but for what it's worth I loved Mako. The colour scheme looks great as well.