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Thorpe Park: General Discussion


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Favourite Ride
Alton Towers's Sister park located in Surrey near London, This is just a general discussion about the park. What are your thoughts? I personally love the park and have been visiting since I was a child, I love the new B&M Wing rider Swarm! :D
Re: Thorpe Park

For me the standout ride is Colossus, I know a lot of people complain it's too rough, but I've never really had too much trouble with it. I love the disorientation of the barrel rolls, especially the final one so low to the ground you can just about reach the bushes underneath it.

Rush is fantastic too, much improved on last year thanks to significant maintenance over closed season, and Quantum is hugely underrated.
Re: Thorpe Park

One thing which really saddens me about Thorpe Park this season, is that despite the installation of what is arguably their best ride yet - and I'd certainly argue their most subtle thematically - their gate figures are so damn low!

What do people think this is attributed to? Olympic year, current financial times, or have the prices finally reached a too high mark that people aren't willing to spend?
Re: Thorpe Park

I've been wondering the same thing for a while. In fact all 3 ex-Tussauds parks seem to be having a tough time, but you'd expect Thorpe to be packed due to Swarm.

Price could be a factor, but I'd be intrigued to see detailed visitor numbers for all the parks to see how well/badly they're doing.
Re: Thorpe Park

I do wonder if Thorpe isn't in fact doing quite as abysmally as we think. People do still comment on 45-60 or even 60+ minute queues at time. Plus, an entire new island with a queue-crunching new ride must go at least some way to thinning out the crowds in the rest of the park...
Re: Thorpe Park

It does seem strange that Thorpe seems so dead, yet Chessie, Lego and Towers havnt been so quiet. Even when some of us did Legoland on the bank holiday Sunday it was busy, then down the road to Thorpe and it was very much empty.

The thing with Thorpe is that their target market is teenagers/young people, who often dont have much money and wont be able to afford the £40 enterance fee. Where as Alton/Chessie/Lego will most of the time have familys going with parents paying the price to get in, and can somewhat get away with it.
Re: Thorpe Park

I was discussing this with a few people at the weekend. Clearly The Swarm hasn't pulled in as many people as Thorpe had hoped. Now I think for a park like Thorpe a new coaster will pull in more people if it has an IP to go with it as people will see the IP and immediately want to go and ride is, probably more because of the IP than the actual ride. I think Merlin will look at the impact that SAW had and compare it to The Swarm and see that for Thorpe IPs are the way forward.

Now, despite saying that I do not think it means that IPs are needed on new coasters at Towers. Towers have a reputation of adding great new coasters that pull people in without an IP, just look at Thirteen, it pulled in a lot of guests purely because it was a new coaster at the renowned Alton Towers. I hope Merlin see that Towers have a reputation whereby if the public see that they are getting a new coaster they will be excited and want to go; and that IPs for big coasters at Towers are not actually needed.

It is a shame that Thorpe are having such a poor season. I think it will change Merlin's views on things in all of their parks which could be a good or a bad thing, time will tell.

Re: Thorpe Park

Hi all... 2p worth...

Think cost has got to be a factor, that and the weather! Its a lot of money for none pass holders. I'm enjoying the benefits of a pass and empty park but long term it's a bad thing!
Was at towers two weeks ago on a Sunday, temp was high 20s and yet the place was empty.... 10 min queues for SS and 5 mins for Nemmy. It's not a good sign!
Re: Thorpe Park

Weather hasn't been that great either so that can be a factor, I seem to be really unlucky, most of the off peak days when I've been the park has been running 1 train on most of the rides which was building up the queues! I think once the weather starts brightening up and obviously the school holidays start it will be very very busy again! I'm not too bothered about the price as if have my pass but I mean there are plenty of 2 for 1s out there and getting in would be only £22 which isn't too bad, although you have some really expensive food places in there!
Re: Thorpe Park

I think probably the main reason is the weather. As far as I know, the south east and London area hasn't had a single rain-free bank holiday. In fact, there's serious concerns about beachside businesses maybe not coping at all.

I'm working on the theory most people use 2 for 1, so that's not really an issue. I get the feeling that a lot has to do with everyone in the parks being very spread out. think about it. you have most people heading to the swarm, which is a people eater. then, everyone from the swarm island basically head out, because from here there are really 4 directions- behind depth charge, infront of the beach, towards inferno, and towards stealth. you can literally see everything pretty well, so now people head in multiple directions.

I'm not sure, but I definitely think the main factors are weather, and people being more spread out.
Re: Thorpe Park

By rights queues at Thorpe should be far longer than at Towers, for three reasons
- they have fewer rides
- the rides they do have are lower capacity (on average)
- the park is much smaller, so people spend less time walking between them

Also, it's worth remembering that Thorpe are two attractions down on last year in total, with Saw Alive, Time Voyagers and the Railroad all closed. This will partially offset the increased capacity the Swarm has brought to the park.

On most of my trips the Swarm has had very little queue by lunchtime, and often has the shortest queue out of the main coasters by mid afternoon. Partially that's due to people riding it first thing and its high throughput, but it seems at least in part that the public aren't as impressed with the Swarm as they might have been. Indeed, at South meet we overheard quite a few guests talking about it who didn't rate it as high as some of the other coasters there.

Obviously it's difficult to have even a vague idea of how their visitor numbers are holding up, but I get the feeling the park should be a whole lot busier than it actually is.
Re: Thorpe Park

I've found when I've visited Thorpe that in the morning there are longer queues, especially for the top rollercoasters i.e. The Swarm, Saw etc. But when it came to the lunchtime period, most of these were walk-ons getting at least four goes on the Swarm.

I definitely think the entry cost is a lot - I've got a merlin pass but my friend doesn't as she feels it's too expensive.
Re: Thorpe Park

Lottie. said:
I definitely think the entry cost is a lot - I've got a merlin pass but my friend doesn't as she feels it's too expensive.

I've always felt Thorpe was too expensive, especially compared to the likes of Towers where you have more stuff to do, and also free reign of the gardens. I'm not justifying how much Towers actually costs (because it's absolutely ridiculous), but there is a fair bit less value for money to be found at Thorpe.
Re: Thorpe Park

I think thorpes business model is a little different...

Since its in an easy to reach area and is aimed at 'youths' I think the amount of people who own a Thorpe park annual pass would be considerably larger then who owns an Alton towers/ chessoe pass.

Which may be why the queues are shorter, since you can pop down there, check out the car park, and leave with no consequence if you think its busy.

May also be why more people seem to be leaving the park earlier. Leaving it dead after 4ish..

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Re: Thorpe Park

I agreed with most points on here:
- Firstly, 2 for 1 vouchers, in my opinion, have only just started picking up recently....they're more noticeable in the shops now.
- Secondly, Olympic season hasn't quite begun yet, you can bet that Thorpe will jump on the band wagon and push for visitors to come to Thorpe whilst here for an Olympic visit. I think there will be some plans to utilise this extra tourism towards all attractions in the London and South East area. No doubt once the Olympics start we'll all be complaining about how busy Thorpe is!!
- Thirdly, I get the feeling Annual Passes aren't as popular with Thorpe goers than Towers goers. I think this has something to do with the fact that a lot of people who regularly go to Thorpe don't make so much of an effort to go to other parks. Those close to Towers like I used to be are lucky to be in a central position to visit other places. Therefore people are relying on offers...when was the last time you saw someone pay full price to go in any Merlin park?
There's no doubt more reasons why people aren't going at the moment but I'm sure school holidays will help to pick the numbers up as well and no doubt the inevitable end of school year trips that I always manage to plan a visit for....one day I'll learn!!!
Re: Thorpe Park

Bambi said:
- Firstly, 2 for 1 vouchers, in my opinion, have only just started picking up recently....they're more noticeable in the shops now.

Tesco have had vouchers on most of their own products for months now... We have got them coming out of our ears !!! Personally I have never seen so many Merlin 2-4-1's in the Supermarket as this year. They are literally everywhere...

There is just something about Thorpe this year, that has made me not go as many times as I normally do. Little things like the loss of SRQ on Stealth, the 1 train operations meaning a 5 minute queue on 2 becomes a 30minute on 1 and slow loading due to staff messing around rather than working. I dont think I will be going back before Fright Nights. This is from someone who loves Thorpe Park !!!! :D
Re: Thorpe Park

Still waiting for entry to go up to £43.50 like Alton Towers. Chessington has just had its summer hike (now £42).
Re: Thorpe Park

On of the best theme parks in England and it is better then Alton towers for the rides and the best ride in the park is saw but i also like slammer because it is a differant and rush. ;D