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Towers Loving Care

Submission was one of the last rides produced by its manufacturer before they went bust so I'd imagine finding and getting replacement parts for it would've been expensive / difficult. Ripsaw was just old.
I think that if it wasnt for the ride closures, very late linup announcement (which we are still waiting for) and the fact that they are celebrating things they should have been doing years ago, tlc would be better accepted by enthusiasts. If we were given good reasons why the given rides are closed (all we have is speculation at this point), along with the closures reflected in the ticket price (which could happen, but I doubt it) and actually telling us things on time, i think the reaction on here could only be positive.

Of course though, my opinion of tlc itself is completely positive.
The reaction to this has been mixed and I think that's fair. It's good that they're doing it now, but they should have always been doing it. It's good how comprehensive it appears to be, but it shouldn't have got to the point where it needed to be. This is a three year programme so hopefully the next two seasons see similar work across the park, not just improving parts not improved this year, but keeping things they're doing this year looking good too. I don't think we will really be able to judge it until the three years are up.

After three years hopefully most, if not all, of the park will be back up to an acceptable standard, but after that it's up to them to keep it at that level. Three intensive years and then nothing will only result in them having to do all this again, which is surely worse for them and guests than fixing each issue as and when it happens.

I think it's only fair for people to be suspicious of the motives behind this, how it ties in with there being no real new attraction, ride closures and staff redundancies, but the work is way overdue, so I think we can be happy the work is happening without being all too happy about why. Their motives may be questionable and it shouldn't have got to this point in the first place, but it has, so it's good that it's being done, regardless of why. We're all here because we care about the park, so anything that makes the park better is to be supported, and it's good to see them responding like this, but any negatives, related or otherwise, should still be criticised. Fixing problems that never should have arose in the first place does not let them off anything else they're doing to the detriment of the park and/or guests.

So far I like what I'm seeing, but I'm still sceptical not only of their reasons, but of them keeping this up, which given the recent history of the park, I don't think is wrong, but at the same time, what we've seen so far gives me reason to be optimistic. I'm not convinced they've turned a corner, but it would also be wrong to completely dismiss it just because of past form.

Which I think is the general mood of this topic anyway, so TLDR I think the mood in the topic is fair. Positive about the good bits, negative of the bad bits, and overall strikes the right balance of scepticism and optimism.
I worded what I said wrong, maintenance and tlc, over the years themeIng was lost on ripsaw. There rides of the same type that have similar if not not more theming that has been maintained and are still running as built.

I'm all up for what they are doing with tlc, towers needed this. I hope it will become the gorgeous clean place I remember from 1996. Cared for that's what the park deserves. Towers is unique with what it has to offer, tlc I hope will celebrate this.
Scaffolding. Has. Gone.

I don't like any tunnel, but anythings better than scaffolding. At least the fencing will look like its meant to be there!

If they could get some fake vines wrapped around the fencing that would be even better.
Why have high fencing?

It's to stop people throwing coins at people on the rapids.

It is disheartening to read so much negativity regarding something enthusiasts have been crying out for years. It's like Alton can never win. For years people have complained about the state in which Alton was getting in and the fact it needed some serious 'TLC', now that they're spending a fortune in one closed season people are complaining.

Yes it probably should have been done sooner but recently their priority was keeping moaning enthusiats happy by providing a 'high thrill' coaster to the lineup in The Smiler. This year they've chosen to spend a lot to freshen the feel of the park and it's still not enough. o_O

OK brevity:
It's costing so much because they left it so long, people aren't complaining it's getting done, they're commenting on aspects they like and perhaps don't so much (Ice Age). Which if they do indeed watch, is CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. It is also, as keeps being pointed out, against a backdrop of negative things taking place that should be criticised as they ARE bad!

I maintain I'd bet a team pushed hard to get this through, that team deserves great credit - this kind of stuff would not get done at Towers IMO without quite a fight or determination!

Makes me wonder if a certain individual was involved (just had that thought).

They didn't build a wobbly Gerstlauer in a concrete pit that shakes itself apart as a priority to keep moaning enthusiasts happy. They did it because it's cheaper for it's size, was a record breaker, and will get lots of people who aren't moany enthusiasts and don't know better, through the gates/

You don't please a moaning enthusiast by building a Gerstlauer. That is akin to trying to please a food critic by shoving a kebab down his throat with some posh veg dotted around the plate. You please one by building a Mack.


If they can't leave it open (can you blame them now? I can't!) then a wooden tunnel, in a forest, in this case makes some actual sense lol!

MUCH more going on than I thought they do! Fair play.
My God, they must have a hell of a throw to get it from Rita's launch area to the Rapids. :D

I intend to make it my default fence response as their positioning seldom makes any.

It's for brevity and convenience.

I hope no one thanked you because they thought I was serious...:tearsofjoy:

Actually no... I kinda hope they did. :tearsofjoy: