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Walibi Holland: General Discussion

The park have officially announced the new coaster will be called Untamed.


Seems RCDB were a bit to quick with the wrong name though...
Phew, Untamed is much better than Timber Trip!

Really hoping that we get to see what they are going to do with the layout soon.

Dutch parks do love a good 'Making of Enter Ride Name Here' series. The first episode of Making Of: UNTAMED has now been released:

Got to love how the YouTube subtitles translate the chaps opening line to "hi my name is god"!

Anyway, it has been confirmed that Untamed will be 15 feet taller than Robin Hood was meaning a new height of 120ft. That will mean it is roughly the same height at Twisted Colossus and taller than the likes of Storm Chaser and Twisted Timbers.
The length, height and speed stats are very similar to Twisted Timbers or Wicked Cyclone which gives a fairly good idea of the scale of the coaster.

Excited to see what elements we end up with.

This is the most excited I've been about a coaster in years, however it turns out we are gonna be lucky to have it so close to the UK.
Looks like the start is going to be like a mini-SteVe; 80 degree drop in to a micro bunny hill for some ejector airtime!
Is the opening date on RCDB of 1 July credible for this thing or do we have any better information? Any chance of an earlier opening?
It looks as if they still have a lot to do, particularly given that hardly any of the rails are down yet. 1st July seem sensible but realistically anything could happen that would deter the date.
According to First Drop magazine this will have five inversions, the most on any RMC.
Very interesting! But I hope that limit the airtime potential.

Depends exactly what inversions they go for I guess.

I'm loving the build up to this coaster, can't wait until it opens.