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Walibi Holland: General Discussion

Ok it's not even open yet but this could easily be one of the very top tier RMC's. Or at least a contender for 'best of the rest' after the usual suspects. We are very lucky to have this so close to home!

Photo by RMC.
Somehow no ones posted the newest making of, sounds like they'll be testing it imminently.

And this short documentary was released today featuring interviews with Scott (who presents the making of videos) and some people from RMC.

I'm actually going to miss this little video series when the ride opens. Such a great insight and really demonstrates how passionate the people behind the project are.
The ride looks it could be phenomenal and potentially one of the best rides in Europe.

I'm guessing next Wednesday is going to be too early to hope for a soft opening? :(
Indeed, seeing as testing has not yet begun and the ride doesn't officially open until July 1st there is next to no chance of a soft opening next week.

I can't wait to see this beast testing though, pretty sure it will be immense!
Cheers Danny and Rob. Sorry, I mis-read the post above and thought testing had started. I guess I'll have to settle for looking at it from a distance and spamming Lost Gravity instead :D
Has anyone visited from Eindhoven Airport before? Flights are available for £40 return throughout a lot of the summer. Seems a bit more tricky to get there than it would be from Amsterdam.
I don't think it would be fun on public transport, its ~3 hours each way on the train/bus from Eindhoven. It is~1hr 45 in the car if car hire is an option. I was going to say never use Green Motion car hire in Eindhoven as they are worst company I have ever dealt with and are not even based near the airport. Thankfully for everyone they appear to have gone bust.

Personally I'd put the money you'd spend on car hire/bus towards Amsterdam flights or have an Efteling/Toverland trip instead :)

If you do go to Eindhoven I'd heartily recommend watching a VIP film in the Eindhoven Pathe cinema. They have a VIP area that includes a mega buffet with champagne before the film and unlimited nachos, popcorn or sweets to take in.
What an absurd suggestion made by Mack Rides. I wonder how long this will stick around for, out of curiosity and not because I want the credit when we go this summer.