Haunted Hollow

Take this spooky shortcut, if you dare! Packed with laughs and frights, the Haunted Hollow is a great way to cut down your journey, and have some fun along the way...

Haunted Hollow

The entrance to Haunted Hollow from Mutiny Bay may be a little hidden, but passing the gargoyle at the entrance you know you've arrived when you reach the crypt of an old earl. The crypt is cracked from side to side and you may feel compelled to take a peak, but beware its occupant may not be quite at rest.

As you continue you find a couple of friendly spirits conversing around their graves - these are Bernard Grumblebum and Edwin Mutterson. They spend their afterlife telling each other some less than polished jokes, you may wish to stay and listen to the pair out-do each others comic efforts or continue down the hollow where the tree's open out a bit and the nearby lake comes into view.

The lake is guarded by pair of Gargoyles, staring out over the eerily calm waters.  And across from the hearse is the maiden's chamber but do you really want to pull aside the curtain and step inside?

Continue on past the maidens chamber and we come to a set of graves of some spirits with a musical talent, why not step forwards and hear how well they play, or take a turn to the left and begin the short climb up to the entrance of Gloomy Wood.

The Hollow is a fun way of getting between Mutiny Bay and Gloomy Wood offering the sorts of laughs and scares that thrill all of the family.

Attraction History

2007 saw the introduction of the Haunted Hollow to connect what was then Merrie England (Now Mutiny Bay) to Gloomy Wood. The path uses the route of the old park railway which closed in 1996, and provides a quirky way of shortening guest journeys to Gloomy Wood and the surrounding areas.

When the Haunted Hollow first opened one of the features was an abandoned hearse opposite the lake, complete with a broken coffin whose occupant had vanished leaving a rather quirky photo opportunity. The hearse disappeared for maintenance in 2012 but never reappeared in the Hollow. The spot remained empty for almost two seasons until September 2014, when a pair of Gargoyles formerly of the London Dungeon were installed as a replacement. The hearse later reappeared as a theming element for the 2015 scare maze, The Haunting of Molly Crowe.

Attraction Stats

24th March 2007


24th March 2007
Opened in Gloomy Wood

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24th March 2007

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