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2018: Eurosat Can Can Coaster / Madame Freudenreich Curiosités


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From EuropaStreet Facebook page, today:

BREAKING NEWS: Reports are coming out of the Fan Event ,via epfans.ch, taking place in the Globe Theatre today, that Eurosat is set for a complete refurbishment for 2018. This may include changes to the layout, full track replacement and an all-new Eurosat experience. This would suggest that Eurosat will be closed for winter 2017/18. We'll post more as we receive further updates!

Well it's been rumoured for years...!
Really like Eurosat so I hope they are careful with what they change however I have heard people descibe it as rough (which I don't really agree with/ there are alot rougher rides out there) but understand parts of the ride really do show its age. I am excited to see 2017 mack technology realised onto Eurosat even though I was happy with how it currently is as its age had a bit of charm.
This is both good and worrying news! Good because the ride clearly does need work doing to it so a re-tracking will secure Sat's long term future at the park. Concerning because some of what makes it so great are the out of date systems; these will most likely be lost in place of things like magnetic brakes.

Whatever happens I am sure we will see an improved thematic experience. It also sounds like they will be adding a VR (urgh) option to the ride. This might utilise a separate station which will of course be better for throughputs however as someone strongly against VR on coasters this whole idea does not sit well with me.

None the less, I am excited to see what EP have in stall for us all!

If they're going down the VR route then a second station would definitely be a good idea on paper but I can't see how there could possibly be enough space. If you look at the model in Historama the maintenance track wraps tightly around the station , and with so many trains that needs a lot of space.

Assuming the reports of 2 stations are correct, I'd expect the ride to run up to 6 trains as before, with 1 vr to every 2 standard. If vr is removed it would be interesting to see whether they carry on using the second station at peak times to improve capacity, though it may prove to make so little difference as to be completely pointless.
Europa-Park will completely rebuild Eurosat

One of the oldest roller coasters at Europa-Park will get a big make-over for the 2018 season. The indoor coaster Eurosat from 1989 will soon be rebuilt. That has been announced tonight at a meeting by Michael Mack .

There won't be much left of Eurosat when it opens again during the Easter holidays of 2018. The park said that the ride will be thoroughly renovated by 2018. There will be a new layout, which, of course, involves a full renewal of the track. The guests will experience a complete new ride.

Also, virtual reality will be used as an additional option. The renewed roller coaster will therefore have its own, extra entry and exit station for VR users. Remarkably, because this year, the park announced that it is going to remove the VR offer at Pegasus because it affected the capacity. Perhaps the additional station and a ride with more capacity will provide a solution to Pegasus's capacity problem.

Source: http://www.pretparken.be/NL/article/1788/Europa-Park vernieuwt achtbaan Eurosat volledig!
For the record: there will not be significant layout changes.

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For the record: there will not be significant layout changes.

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From EPFans:

The Europa-Park is currently planning a major change in the French thematic area. The focus is the dark roller coaster Euroat, which has been produced by Mack Rides since 1989, and has been enthusiastic about the guests since 1989. Both the rails as well as all technical aspects and the thematization will be completely revised, whereby the course of the course will change only slightly. However, the ride feeling is considerably improved by the further development of Mack Rides in the area of rail production. In memory of the inventor Franz Mack it was the desire of the Mack family that the route layout should be as close to the original as possible.

In addition, a new virtual reality experience with Eurosat Coastiality will also be experienceable. For this purpose, there is a separate railway station with moving tracks for the first time. As part of the reconstruction work, which will start from the end of the summer season, visitors can also look forward to other innovations in the French thematic area. The reopening of the attraction is planned in summer 2018.
VR on a dark coaster is even more dumb than VR on... well, any coaster.

WHAT THE HELL, EP? I thought you were better than this?
I did read it. It's still pointless.

Indeed. I don't like VR.

But I don't really care. Because it isn't going to affect me that much as it will have a separate station

Remember. EP are the founding fathers of VR on coasters... :/
Worst thing of all is that I won't even get to say goodbye to Sat at new year. Hell, with Sat closed there's very little that's guaranteed to be open in winter season. Very little point in going now. :'(
I have fresh draft pilsner on tap at home, old bean. ;) Much as I love a good sesh with you lot, I'm not trekking hundreds of miles to drink without access to the second best hangover cure after Nemy.
I have a nagging concern that the minor track alterations could be the shortening of the end of the ride to accommodate the second station. If that is the case I'm not happy with this!
Eurosat ranks very high on my list of favourite coasters. So did Air and having lost that to VR I'd hate to see Eurosat suffer just to fit in a second station.

Of cource this is Europa and I trust them not to mess up a classic, but I can't say I'm not concerned.