2018: Eurosat Can Can Coaster / Madame Freudenreich Curiosités


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A lot of these points raise the question of why bother with a refurb of this nature?

I understand and applaud the improvements to the external aesthetics, these were badly needed. Even a retheme internally I can understand. Why though, would you retrack the coaster if it weren’t required? The original always ran well and clearly in some people’s view, was actually better than the new track.

Was it to incorporate VR as they have, because of some major maintenance issue or just because they could? I can’t help but feel the budget and effort to retrack would have been better utilised elsewhere.

The thing is though that it absolutely was required. Eurosat needed major work because of the condition it was in and I would imagine there were various H&S risks with the old ride as well. It cost far more than it was worth to carry out the re-track and it is not something that they would have done if it was not needed.

Re-tracking it with the same layout was always going to lead to a more boring ride, this has been known for years. And that is why they did make three changes to the track profile. Could more significant changes have been made using the existing supporting structure? I've no idea, we all know how tight it is inside of their with not much of a gap between the track and supports. But I think Roland in particular was very keen on maintaining the same general layout.

They certainly did not spend an absolute fortune just to incorporate VR! Although how they have ended up incorporating it works very well indeed.


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The old ride required extensive work.

Also - they did add kinks to the new layout on purpose (e.g. final bend).

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Have to say - I adore can-can coaster - rode for the first time a couple of weeks ago! so glad they kept and modified the lift soundtrack! Just so so much fun! and the theming in the queue and station is just equisite - another Success by Europa in my books!