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Alton Towers Oktoberfest 2020


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Alton Towers have revealed a brand new event for 2020! Over three weekends later this season, the resort presents Oktoberfest! Delicious food, drink and themed entertainment will be the order of the day in late September and early October! Prost!

Oh my god yes.
Well, it seems as though Alton Towers is responding to people's want of more events beside Scarefest & Fireworks; great job, guys! Wonder whether any more will be announced, as it is the park's 40th anniversary year?
I did not see that coming! Let's hope they copy the German efficiency and longer opening hours as well. (Ok, I know that's never going to happen)
Also, for those who want to know, the dates are:
  • 18th-20th September
  • 25th-27th September
  • 2nd-4th October
How can they do Octoberfest in September o_O
To be fair to them, I think the genuine Oktoberfest in Munich runs in September. Although I suppose that does beg the question of why is it called Oktoberfest, but that's a story for another thread...
They should just make a new event. Septemberfest. Why they have to be a sheep and follow.
Why not lead with new ideas
There will be the 4 burger vans at the bottoms of towers street with a half assed German makeover
Don't give them ideas!
On a more serious note though, this event could go very well if they try to keep it accurate and enjoyable but it could also become quite tacky and monetised.
This is fantastic news. As someone with no interest in scare mazes I would love to see a food and beer focused event with the chance of late night riding.

Would love to see them have a devils wheel like Munich's Oktoberfest has

That’s fantastic news and will definitely be attending.

Hope they change the opening times closer to the event as I think Octoberfest lates would be a real earner for the resorts hotels. I’d definitely consider staying on site if I could get drunk. Would numb the feeling of being ripped off!