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Couldn't see anywhere here on the forums where anybody's mentioned the new digipass thing for unlimited digital photos...

SPECIAL OFFER - Save your magical Merlin memories with digital photos when you buy an Annual DigiPass. Enjoy all INCLUSIVE digital photos every time you visit LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, Alton Towers Resort, THORPE PARK Resort and Chessington World of Adventures Resort for 12 months AND 50% off print photography. Buy your Annual DigiPass on Celebration Day and get a SPECIAL 20% discount, pay £40 instead of £50.

We were thinking about getting one of these until we re-read and realised stuff like the Blackpool Tower, Dungeons and other midway attractions aren't included.

I've emailed annual pass to confirm if this is correct... it'd be a shame if not as we would likely have bought one otherwise - it's not like it's costing them anything sticking it on a usb stick or whatever they plan on doing with them!


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It would be a download from a website, they wouldn't bother with the faff of USB.

I would also guess that midway are on separate contracts to theme parks and may not be run with PicSolve, it might still be owned and operated.


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The pass looks quite good value as the Chessie digi day pass was £30 ! 1 DAY! so 50 notes is a bargin

or then again the day pass was overpriced in the first place


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The Digital Photo Pass does sound like a more efficient way of sharing park photos than via USB and at a decent value.

But admittedly, hearing the name 'Digipass' makes me automatically think it's a new advertisement or Digivice-esque toy for the Digimon anime.

Anyone? Just me? *Laughs nervously, backs out of topic, gets coat*


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All I got back from them was this:

Thank you for contacting us.

At the moment this Digi Pass can only be used at the Theme Parks mentioned but we will make sure to pass your feedback to the relevant department for consideration. In case you do decide to buy it we hope you have a lovely year downloading the pictures that capture your wonderful time at the Attraction.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Merlin Annual Pass Team


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I'm not sure all midways use picsolve, Blackpool tower certainly didn't used to be picsolve.

The 20% deal will also be in place during the opening weekend of Alton towers, as well as the annual pass weekend at chessie and Thorpe.


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We got the digipass at legoland last year and it was around £20 or £30 for two days, so I guess £40/£50 for a year is a pretty good deal.

The way it works isn't very good though.

You get a receipt from the photo desk with a long 12 character (I think) code for every picture. You need to make sure you keep these receipts, and then enter all the codes into a website later.
We had about 25 codes in the end, and entering all these in and then downloading each picture individually was not a fun experience! It also took a couple of days for some of the pictures to be available.

Disney had a better system 10 years ago!


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I had this Digipass for free as part of an Annual Pass trial last year. It works easily enough but is a faff collecting receipts with codes for the Picsolve website.


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God you'd think theyd at least print a qr code on the receipt so people could just scan them straight away and save them to their phone/Google Photos or something then they can share them and give merlin free publicity straight away!



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Problem is most picsolve tills are ancient from what I have seen. The receipts are so basic and old fashioned, they certainly wouldn't be able to print QR codes.


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Found full T&Cs..

MAP Annual DigiPass Terms & Conditions
  • If your Annual DigiPass is lost or stolen you will need to return to the park where you originally bought it to get a replacement issued.
  • You can collect digital photography at any of the 4 participating parks – Chessington World of Adventures Resort, Alton Towers Resort, LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, THORPE PARK Resort.
  • An Annual DigiPass applies to ride, green screen (set & studio) & official walkabout photos.
  • An Annual DigiPass is valid from date of purchase for 12 months.
  • In addition to your digital photos you are entitled to £5 off the price of a standard print photo when you show your Annual DigiPass. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Most photos will be available for download within 24 hours, but may take up to 48 hours.
  • Availability & quality of photos can be impacted by environmental & technical factors that can occur in an outdoor theme park environment. Full & partial refunds will not be provided where this is the case.
  • The Merlin Annual Passholder must be in the photo and present a valid Annual DigiPass at the ride photo counter or main photo collection point in order to claim the digital photo.
  • Walkabout photographers (Subject to availability) will take a photo of an individual or group as part of the offer, but must consider the needs of other guests so will not be obliged to take more than one photo.
  • Compromising or inappropriate photos will not be issued.
  • If the Annual DigiPass is used by someone other than the Merlin Annual Passholder it can be cancelled without compensation.
  • Includes digital photography at seasonal events except Christmas Grottos.
  • For additional support email us at [email protected].
  • At LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, the Digital Driving Licence photo is not available as a digital copy. However, you may purchase the printed Driving Licence with £5 off when you show your Annual DigiPass.
  • At Alton Towers Resort additional tickets are required to enter Tree Top Quest & Master Blaster as these are not included in entrance to main attraction. Digital photos from these attractions are still included in an Annual DigiPass
    DigiPass guests get £5 off the Galactica print photo with bonus AR material.
  • At Thorpe Park Resort Annual DigiPass guests qualify for £5 off the lenticular and 3D Head in Jar merchandise.
  • We reserve the right to modify this offer.
  • Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected.


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I bought the Digipass on Saturday and I am pretty disappointed with it..

So you buy it you get a temperary card and a form to hand into the photo shop on towers street a long with not one but two wrist bands.. When I asked the guy why two he said oh its what we give out, you can give one to your mate or just not take it.

Anyway went arround all day collecting photos there was a group of 7 of us so on every ride apart from the rapids and Duel we had 4 photos of each ride..

I was told when collecting the pass that I had to be in the photo to use the Digi pass. At no point during the day was I told that I had to be in the photo, Not when I paid the £40 pound from it or when I collected the photos from smiler twice, nemesis twice, duel, rita or the rapids.

I was actually pretty tempted to ask for a refund on the Digipass but in the end decided even with this bizzare setup up its still better than nothing.

For me I don't have a family but I can see how this could be a really bad deal for people with families. There was a guy behind me in the line that had a Wife and 3 kids so If they wanted to use the Digipass to the full extent they would need to fork out £250. Its a real shame that picsolve have been too greedy to bring out a family system. Hopefully soon they do something like add another pass for £10 or a rule saying if you were on the ride but not in the photo you can download it.

I'm just so confused why you would get two wrist bands if you have to be in the photo.. Maybe for some reason they think people will wear them on both arms....


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Me and my wife said the sane thing yesterday about that very thing. As we took our little one and my brother it was nice having the 2 wristbands as we could swap around on the coasters and still get pics but from now on I will always have to be in the pics so it means we can't split up if we go as a bigger family.


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On some rides(oblivion / smiler) your in the photo (if your on that ride)even if it's not of you on the close up due to there being a photo of the whole carriage
I argued this point yesterday
Some photo ops just ask u which photos u would like anyway
I don't c what difference it makes to them tbh


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I argued the same Point Kris

Like you said though as long as the photo op adds it to your pass you can have the photos.

I was really gutted though that I missed out on the photos from my second ride of nemesis because the op didn't add them properly.