Funny things you've overheard people say in queuelines


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"The local authority build the rides with Council Tax income, and then sell it on to Tussauds, who in turn sell to Merlin."

They are now moaning about money being spent on roller coasters and not potholes and local infrastructure. I'm dying with laughter. Always.

Oh my!


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Not sure if this counts, but I was next to a family on the Hex queue line and after the ride the little girl burst out crying. I heard her parents asking what was wrong and she said she felt sorry for the tree.

Thought it was great how she watched all those videos at the start and somehow came away with the impression that tree was the victim.

... come to think of it, I suppose she's right..


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Sorry, just had to post this, not in a queue, but at home...

Mum: "your not going on the smiler again"
Me: "Why?!"
Mum: "It's unsafe"
Me: "How did you come to that conclusion"
Mum: "A whole LOOP fell apart"
Me: "It was one bolt ::)"
Mum: "But The Sun said"
Me: "Exactly why your wrong, you read THE SUN ::)" *walks away*

After this I looked up 'the sun smiler alton towers' and the article said it was just a bolt, I had already question the sanity of humanity, but that just makes me lose hope altogether because of the fact that me Mum said that...


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Heard at the entrance to the smiler on Monday.
"this is the one that sprays you with psychotropic drugs."
His friend raised an eyebrow.
"Have you not seen the Advert on telly, that green mist is psychotropic drugs"


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Wasn't quite a queue, But while at Warwick castle we overheard someone saying "I thought he died from constipation."

I think he was talking about Henry VII.