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Galactica: General Discussion

I saw someone post on social media that they were "stuck upside down for 20 minutes". Can you actually get stuck upside down on this or were they more likely stuck on the lift hill/brake run?
They were stuck on the lift or brake run 100%. Just for likes probably.
You can technically get stuck "upside down" ever so slightly if you've crested the top of the lift hill at the front of the train whilst it's already facing downwards. But you're still more prone than "upside down", and the train normally stops before that.

So it's likely more typical social media lies.
Interesting observation from today - the staff at the front of the station are now crouching down and watching the legs of riders as the train dispatches. Presumably in response to that complaint the other week.

What was the complaint?
Staff have always done that on the Six Flags flyers as far as I know, though I've not idea whether SF had a specific reason to do so or had just identified a potential issue
Well ideally you want to catch any issue prior to the train moving. Spotted straight away they can just bring the train down and reopen the restraints. Once it's moved forward even slightly it becomes far more difficult to fix.

If I'm remembering correctly, platform staff at the front of the station have no means of stopping the ride though, so they're presumably going to have to rely on them getting a signal to the op/station op in the few seconds they have before the train starts to move